Style and Substance Go Hand in Hand in Huawei’s Latest Innovations

The category is divine devices.

Nobody does function- fashion quite like Huawei. With buzzwords like “Fashion Forward” accompanying its expressive wearables, the brand has displayed a keen sense of trend on top of technology, its bread and butter. The brand’s latest slate of products says as much with the novelties striking a fine balance between the two—the outside matches up to what’s on the inside.

An easy example would be the Huawei Watch Fit 3. Here, the suite of cutting-edge health features like the TruSeen 5.5 heart rate monitoring and TruSleep 4.0 sleep tracker comes with an elegant design in tow. The most notable upgrade here is the sleek square face, a departure from the original rounded shape, in green, white, pink, black, white leather, or grey nylon.

But fans of the predecessor need not worry as a new rendering of Huawei Watch GT4 41mm, steeped in the garden green colourway, has also been added to the collection. Pair it with the Huawei FreeClip, which now comes in a classic shade of beige, to elevate your look. With its unique c-bridge design, the wireless earbuds allow you to do away with the mundane jewels.

Also embodying the design code, to an extent, is the Huawei MateBook X Pro. The highlight here is the super slim and light body, thanks to the Huawei Cloud Falcon Architecture, that does not compromise screen size. That, coupled with the immersive display and powerful processor, makes it the perfect companion for working women who are always on the go.

Those in the creative industry are in for a treat as Huawei has just rolled out its first in-house developed painting app. The GoPaint app, created alongside fine arts experts, looks to inspire users with its realistic writing and painting effects. Just pick one of the 100 virtual brushes and textures, and unleash your wildest imagination and creativity.