By Aaliyah Harry

The Bear Season 2: Here Are All The Celebrity Guest Stars To Look Out For

The hit show adds even more star power with a number of new cast members.

If you’ve been feeling relaxed, calm and stress-free recently then get ready for all of that to change – The Bear is back!

The anxiety-inducing kitchen drama has returned for its second season, with fans now getting an opportunity to re-acquaint themselves with Jeremy Allen White’s Carmy Berzatto, Ayo Edebiri’s Sydney Adamu and Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s Richie Jerimovich.

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Season 2 focuses on Carmy and Sydney’s mission to turn The Original Beef of Chicagoland into a new kitchen by preparing their new menu, training staff and sorting their finances – but of course, it doesn’t all go quite so smoothly. While we are used to seeing the familiar faces of Carmy and Sydney, season two will be expanding its scope beyond the original cast with an A-list host of guest stars. While notable season one guest stars like Jon Bernthal and Oliver Platt are back for more, this new run of episodes also features a range of Hollywood stars in small, but important roles, and blink and you’ll miss it cameos from notable Chicago chefs.

If you’re wondering who the new cast members and famous guest stars are in season two, we’ve compiled a handy guide:

The Bear Season 2 New Cast Members

Molly Gordon

Molly is a new edition to season two. The Booksmart actress plays Claire, a former crush of Carmy’s. She becomes an integral part of his journey towards finding his purpose. Like Carmy, she grew up in Chicago and is buddies with his sister Sugar (Abby Elliott) and best friend, Fek (Matheson).

Will Poulter

The Bear Season 2, The Bear Season 2 guest stars, will poulter

Will Poulter stars in season two of the hit show. In an interview with Variety, Poulter admitted that he was desperate to be on the show. ‘I literally begged to be in the show,’ he recalled. The actor plays a talented and heavily tattooed pastry chef, Luca, who has ties to Carmy. He features in a plot strand where The Beef’s baker Marcus Brooks (Lionel Boyce) travels to Copenhagen to train with him. Before filming his episodes, the actor revealed that he trained in real London restaurants and cooked with series creator Christopher Storer.

Alex Moffat

You might recognise this face from a popular comedy show. In episode 3 of season two, Sydney makes a new hire to the new restaurant’s kitchen crew. It happens to be former Saturday Night Live cast member Alex Moffat, who left the series in 2022 after six seasons. It doesn’t hurt that Moffat’s hometown is Chicago…

Jamie Lee Curtis

The Bear Season 2, The Bear Season 2 guest stars, jamie lee curtis

The 2023 Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis plays Diane, the very blonde, very red-nailed, matriarch of the Berzatto family during episode 6 (which is reportedly one of the most stress-inducing episode of The Bear yet.) When you get Jamie Lee Curtis on the show – you know you’ve hit the big time!

Sarah Paulson

The Bear Season 2, The Bear Season 2 guest stars, sarah paulson

Sarah Paulson takes a break from the Ryan Murphy’s Universe to join the hit show as cousin Michelle, who has survived the Berzatto family dysfunction by escaping to New York. She only comes back home to celebrate the occasional holiday.

Olivia Colman

The Bear Season 2, The Bear Season 2 guest stars, olivia colman

The former star of The Crown, Olivia Colman, plays Chef Terry. Terry is the owner and head chef at the three-star Michelin restaurant where Richie trains in episode 7. She teaches Richie how to fancily peel mushrooms and that it’s never too late to start again.

Adam Shapiro

The Bear Season 2, The Bear Season 2 guest stars, adam shapiro

The rather stressed out chef in episode 7, who is really, really mad about a smudged plate, is the same actor who plays Mr. Shapiro in Netflix’s Never Have I Ever. Fun Fact: The actor is also married to Scandal and Inventing Anna star Katie Lowes.

Mitra Jouhari

In episode 5, viewers meet Kelly, played Mitra Jouhari, Claire’s heartbroken bestie. The comedian has appeared in a number of noteable projects from Search Party to Abbott Elementary. (She has also written for Big Mouth, High Maintenance, and Miracle Workers.)

Bob Odenkirk

The Bear Season 2, The Bear Season 2 guest stars, bob odenkirk

Better Call Saul—and Illinois native Bob Odenkirk plays Uncle Lee. In episode six, which flashes back to a 2018 Berzatto family Christmas, Lee can’t seem to get anyone to take a scalding Dutch oven off his hands or listen to his take on the seven fishes!

When does The Bear season 2 air?

You can watch season two of the show now! The Bear became available to stream in full on Disney Plus from 19th July 2023, just under a month after it debuted in the US on 22nd June. Get binging!

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