By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes July 1–7: A Series Of Unbelievable Confessions Are Coming

While you'll need to trust your instincts to get through the beginning of this week, a mid-week confession will have a flow-on effect, says astrologer Emma Vidgen.
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

There’s an Alice in Wonderland vibe on Monday as Neptune creates a whimsical mood. The suggestion from the sky is clear: throw structure to the wind and let your instincts guide you. Like finding your way through a maze blindfolded, you’ll need to tap into intuitive downloads to figure out the best way forward.

In stark contrast, there are some surprises in store mid-week as Mercury faces off with Pluto and the Moon and Mars spell trouble. Prepare for unbelievable confessions igniting a domino effect.

Despite the surprise, there’s a window to make amends over something that felt extra sensitive towards the end of last week. The dark moon invites a doona day before a new moon asks you to get serious and commit long-term (5 July GMT) to something new.

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Got the go-slows? It’s not just you, it’s in the stars. Monday serves up a sleepy start when staying in bed has never felt more tempting. Use the slower pace to tune into your intuition – there are realisations to be had, but you’ll have to embrace stillness in order to tap into your subconscious. Reach out to a family member to help make sense of something that’s been getting you down over the past year or so, and use that counsel to set new goals around the new moon (Friday GMT).


There’s a failure to launch sort of feeling early in the week with Neptune spelling “sorry, not coming” on all fronts – especially when it comes to friends. If you have plans, expect them to get bumped to next week. Mid-week, an intriguing bit of intel could leave you lost for words (Tuesday/Wednesday GMT). It’s a lot to process, but as the week rolls on there’s plenty of time to regain your composure. Be receptive and compassionate if an olive branch is extended next weekend.


If you’re seeking clarity and transparency at work this week, try to park any significant conversations until after Wednesday (GMT). With Neptune making things hazy, you might feel as though your manager is literally speaking another language. Thankfully things feel much clearer later in the week when a new moon invites you to set new financial goals you can stick to, long term. Think about how you can use an ongoing issue at work as your motivation to make a big change.


If you’re planning travel or find yourself in transit Monday/Tuesday, expect mild to moderate disruptions beyond your control. With Neptune stationing, it’s cloudy with a chance of delays; which means there’s only one thing to do – surrender. A shock – likely to do with friends and money – could take your breath away mid-week before brighter vibes shine through for the new moon (Friday GMT).  Look for an opportunity to start over and make inroads on a longer-term problem that’s been feeling like a burden.


Ready to stir the pot? If you fancy spicing things up, making a splash or telling someone what you really think, you’ve most definitely got the floor this week. How you use your airtime is entirely up to you. With Mercury zooming into your home sign and immediately facing off with Pluto, your words have the power to set things in motion…or blow things apart. With Mars and the Moon teaming up at the same time, there’s no doubt you’ll get a reaction. One thing is for certain; things will be nothing if not interesting.


Sometimes it pays to keep your expectations realistic, and Monday is definitely one of those days. As Neptune stations direct, getting a clear answer from people in your immediate vicinity will be seemingly impossible. It’s only temporary, but if you have big plans for maximum productivity, it may be time to revise your strategy. Instead of breaking a sweat, postpone any heavy conversations or major negotiations until later in the week. The new moon looks especially nice for turning over a new leaf with a friend and addressing something that’s been straining your relation over the past year.


Making a connection or solidifying an alliance – especially at work – looks especially promising this week. With your ruling planet, Venus, finding common ground with Saturn, don’t be afraid to strike a deal and agree to something significant. On the new moon (Friday GMT) you’ll get a juicy window to set some new professional goals. Consider how respectful boundaries, especially with your co-workers (or people you manage), will set you up for success, long term.


There are some dreamy vibes early in the week as Neptune helps you find your creative flow. It’s the kind of weather that’s great for spontaneous road trips, beach days, and good books; but not so great for doing expense claims or performance reviews. A tactless family member could leave you gob-smacked mid-week (don’t panic, it’s not you, it’s them). On Friday, a new moon conjures dreams of travel and faraway places. Get lost in the planning and let any outstanding drama melt away.


Some days are made for admin, some days are not, and Monday (GMT) most definitely falls into the latter category. Postpone any detail-oriented projects until after Wednesday and let yourself get lost in creative pursuits. Music, art, meditation – whatever takes you away to a dreamier place should do you nicely. Later in the week, the new moon (Friday GMT) encourages an emotionally intelligent approach to big money issues. Seek counsel from an older family member to help find your way.


Tear up the to-do list and lose yourself in your favourite playlists, audiobooks or Real Housewives franchise early in the week when the Neptune station makes everything feel like way too much effort. The difficulty discerning what’s real and what’s not is momentary, as a truth bomb – likely connected to cash – sends a shockwave through the middle of the week. By the weekend, a new moon in Cancer is a luscious window to wipe the slate clean with someone significant. Choose a goal you’ll want to stick with long term (this new moon has serious staying power).


If you’re watching your cash, be warned it could feel like it’s literally slipping through your fingers on Monday when the skies are set to “buy now, check your balance later”. After a spacey start to the week, an intense conversation with someone close to you could have major repercussions around Wednesday. Be honest, but try not to blow things out of proportion. Later in the week, the Cancer new moon (Friday GMT) is an excellent moment to make a fresh commitment to eating/moving/scheduling your time in a more nourishing way.


Motivation and initiative are purely optional early in the week as you feel the full force of Neptune’s station. Make a pact to take it slow on Monday and unleash your inner water nymph. Skinny dips, beach walks and long lunches feel utterly immersive as you lose track of time and get lost in the loveliness of it all. Hold onto the floaty feeling and rise above the drama as people in your peripheral vision kick off mid-week. Come the weekend, make a pact to use creativity and pleasure as a way to manage a (here for the long haul) source of stress in your day-to-day life.

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.