By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes June 3–9: We’re Half-Way Through The Year and it’s Time to Zero In on the Heart

This week's new moon invites you to settle into something long term, says astrologer Emma Vidgen.
Your Weekly Horoscopes: June 3

So here we are: full-throttle Gemini season bringing a new lease on life to your relationship with a Venus Cazimi and a new moon (Thursday GMT) inviting long-term planning and commitment. On Wednesday, a moment of realisation or knowing about a relationship or passion could highlight some tough but necessary truths.

With Jupiter and Mercury turning up the volume too, you (or someone close) could talk a big game, but ultimately the connection you’ve been searching calls for a little restraint or refinement. It’s excellent wisdom to carry into the new moon which invites you to double down and commit to something long-term.

Your Weekly Horoscopes: June 3


Plan for an a-ha moment mid-week when fresh information or a new perspective throws a spanner in the works. Whether it’s not moving forward with plans, or deciding to slow things down and take longer to strategise, trust that whatever intriguing opportunity (or detail) that lands in your lap is intended to make you think more long-term about the opportunity you’re contemplating.


There’s a moment of truth kinda vibe to this week, where you feel ready to pull the trigger…or (gasp) not move forward at all with a plan that feels quite significant.  With new intel expanding your perspective mid-week, there’s every chance your final call will be, “actually, no”. Try to helicopter out from the situation and let the deeper meaning (buy once, buy well, less is more, etc) inform any longer-term intentions set on the new moon. A dash of grown-up restraint will serve you well.


It’s a moment of reckoning this week with more planets than not bringing a significant situation to a head in your personal life. With the phone running hot, you could find yourself tempted to say “yes” to everything, but when it’s time to step up to the plate, less will be more. As exciting as it is to capitalise on the big Gemini energy, a longer-term consideration that’s been weighing heavily on your mind for over a year, will help you decide where you should be investing your energy.


Whichever way you dice it, this week is nothing if not intriguing. The undeniable highlight has got to be receiving some new information, clarity or even a random act of kindness, from someone quite unexpected. When someone you usually wouldn’t trust or confide in comes out of the wood work, you’re right to feel a little cautious. Take what they say with a grain of salt, but also, think more deeply about how it might impact a longer term challenge you’ve been dealing with this past year, if what they are saying is indeed true.


The frivolities continue with your calendar keeping up an almost chaotic pace this week. As your social swagger hits a high point, be prepared for a little saltiness to get stirred up from leftfield. If you find yourself in the midst of a gossip session, stepping back and/or pulling back from the source of slander will be wise. Getting mixed up in the hot air could have longer-term repercussions than you might think.


There’s perspective and clarity on tap this week as Venus, the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury collude to help you see clearly exactly where you stand – especially in the context of a difficult relationship. While the reality may be a little harsher to swallow than you had hoped, maintaining firm and healthy boundaries will help you navigate any ick. Let the true colours you’re being shown inform your next big decisions – especially when it comes to work and professional reputation.


The beauty of far-flung adventures, foreign cultures or just a really fabulous foreign-born friend could inspire a change of heart this week. With your ruling planet receiving its “aha” moment, this is a significant week for connecting with what moves you – emotionally, creatively and spiritually. Pay attention to what takes your fancy this week and consider how its essence could be channeled into something artistic, sensual or expressive in your own life.


There’s a sense of profound truth in the imperfection of things this week, reminiscent of the Leonard Cohen lyric: “there is a crack, a crack in everything / that’s how the light gets in”. Delving deep into the subconscious, or the shadow side/faults of your intimate relationships could turn up some intense realisations. Falling deeper in – or out – of love is a very real possibility, as the newfound perspective forces you to think long-term about who or what you truly desire.


Connecting with what – or who – really matters will be almost unavoidable this week, as the Sun and Venus force you to tune into your sense of desire. With Saturn also casting a long shadow, there’s the potential that you could realise what you want is in fact not what you thought you wanted. If you’re in a relationship, finding connection and passion in spite of your other half’s flaws, will help deepen your bond. Loving the whole person, not just the bits that suit, and accepting their inconsistencies with open arms, will help reignite a fiery passion.


If ever there was a week to prioritise and honour relationships and connection, this is it. As an important figure emerges – either on the job, or in relation to your wellbeing – showing gratitude for the people, particularly women, who show up for you, is key. Even if at first they seem a little gruff or standoffish, there’s likely some deeper medicine to their reticence. In the long-run, those who held you back or slowed you down could be a blessing in disguise.


You’re full of creative inspiration and joie de vivre this week as Venus sets your artistic vision on fire. Start writing that book, record a demo, start a screenplay – whatever floats your boat. With “flow state” fully activated, you could feel almost insatiable but thinking long term about the cost of your creative projects could stifle your enthusiasm, at least a little bit. It’s not that things are impossible, but you will have to find a way to resolve the tension between creative expression and paying bills. Persist and you will find a way to make it work.


Falling in love again – whether it’s with your home, or just the people who feel like home – is very much the vibe this week. As Venus ignites a sense of joy and presence in your domestic sphere, finding love and connection with your “roommates” (be it your partner, your pet or your kids) will be downright delightful. Sharing a beautiful meal, singing, laughing, dancing, whatever it is you do together to play – go, do that. It’s not that the bigger challenges you’re working through disappear but connecting to a sense of the here and now – despite the uncertainty – will be richer and more profound. Drink it in, and enjoy the ride.

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.