By Astrid Zulhaime

The Best Bags and Jewels from the 2023 Holiday Collections

The ultimate gift guide for the men, by women.

The season of festive cheer is here once again, and this guide is for the men out there who are this close to buying a kitchen appliance as a Christmas gift. Amidst all the joy and celebration, be sure not to neglect buying gifts for your girlfriends or Christmas is bound to become super stressful tout de suite. When you know the woman in your lives well—as you should—it’s a breeze to get them Christmas presents they’d actually like. But if you have a less-than-optimal track record in gift-giving, here’s the lifeline you’ve been looking for. 

Remember: when in doubt, play it safe and go for a designer bag or statement jewellery. Timeless, and most importantly, foolproof, these thoughtful gifts are not just good investments. A terrific designer bag or precious gems as Christmas gifts are a surefire way to leave your loved ones speechless.

2023 Christmas Gift Ideas: The Best Fashion Picks