The Festive Edit: Hari Raya Outfits Worth Adding to Your Collection

So you can bring a little celebration to your everyday wardrobe too.

Hunting down the perfect baju raya is, let’s put it this way, an extreme sport. From holding on to the edges of your seats awaiting each collection drop to beating literally everyone in the queue (both online and offline), everyone is doing their best to come out on top for Raya 2024.

If you’re new to the celebration, Hari Raya Puasa (or Eid) is a day when Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan. It’s one of the most important festivals in the religion, and in Malaysia, is marked with heartfelt celebrations with family members. The festivities include a feast that features decadent local cuisine, gifting of duit raya to the little ones, as well as visits to the homes of extended family and close friends.

But ahead of all that fun, everyone goes through a frenzy of securing their garments for the first few days. And to save you all that time and anxiety, we have curated some of the best looks to come out of the Raya 2024 launches.

The Most Coveted Raya 2024 Designs For Her


Each year, one of the most highly anticipated drops for Raya is easily the one from Whimsigirl. Designed with breathable materials—because we all know that it can get hot during Raya—the pieces are going to keep you cool all day long. Sold as separates, the idea is to allow you to make each look your own. There is an abundance of the brand’s iconic Signature Knot Skirt in this drop too, which we’ve seen played into many a casual look across town. From kebayas and a classic baju kurung, to more contemporary pieces like a wrap top or a chic blouse, you’re going to have plenty of options to sift through when shopping at Whimsigirl.

Available online and in-store at Bangsar Village II.


Looking for that ethereal flair this Raya? Then Hanya is the one to visit, as the Kunjung collection is brimming with delicious fabrics like textured chiffon and satin organza. With silhouettes that accentuate the figure, to even a two-piece that can come with a dress, Hanya is here to elevate your Hari Raya style. There are also a couple of jacquard numbers for your evening wear consideration, which could also play well at a black tie affair. Our favourite has got to be the Amara kurungs, which sold out just moments after the launch.

Available online and in-store at Bangsar Village II.


It’s one thing to sell out, but it’s a whole other thing to actually have your website crash thanks to the incoming traffic from avid shoppers. Featuring romantic embroideries transposed onto kurungs and selendangs, the Ikat Rapat range is simply a must-have for your idyllic pictures when you head back to your hometown for Raya. These pieces come with complementary pairings for men, so you can have a darling his-and-hers moment too. From florals to chequered patterns, there’s bound to be a look that you’re going to love—if you act fast enough, of course.

Available online.


Sometimes, Raya dressing doesn’t need to go over the top. It can be easy and understated, too. To fit that bill, head on over to Shals’s Sebati drop, starring our former cover star, Nia Atasha, and her beau. Taking inspiration from the baju kurung silhouette, the folks over at Shals have taken a step further to creating a true fashionable capsule for this time of the year. Slits that can act as vents on a hot day are infused to every feminine piece. Adding to the delicacy of it all, they use luxuriously smooth materials such as cotton chiffon and satin. The colour palettes are also easily adopted into your daily wardrobe, so it’s an easy yes to the Shals Raya collection for us.

Available online and in-store at The Curve.


2024 can be the year of the girl too, you know. If you’re not over the coquette aesthetic yet (because we’re holding on to it too), and want to sprinkle it into the festive season, then your best bet is going to be a piece from Wan Nur Syaira’s brainchild, Saoi. For Raya 2024, she has dreamed up a wardrobe that’s inspired by the 90s. From kebayas to kurung panjangs, each number from the collection is imbued with romantic elements, like feminine ribbons, cosy puffy shoulders, and delicate pearl buttons. Inclusive of shoes and bags, you can like your best Saoi girl life this year.

Available online.

Hani Mokhta

Kebayas continue to dominate this year, and it’s evident with the exciting launch from Hani Mokhta’s Primadonna collection for Raya 2024. The designs come in both silken organza and full lace. Either texture you choose, you’ll step out a total work of art. And if you’re aiming to nail that family pic, certain styles come for both mother and daughter. In lighthearted tones of mint, sky blue, lemon yellow, and more, patterns on this drop are very true to Hani Mokhta’s wheelhouse, resembling collections past, such as Meadow and Tropicola.

Available online.

Petit Moi.

Speaking of staying true to your house codes, none does it better than Petit Moi. Just as the name suggests, you can expect sprinkles of French romanticism (in a modest fashion, of course) all throughout the offerings here. Familiar touches of lace appliqués, embroidery, and smocking are peppered all throughout the collection, which is dubbed Eid, In Harmony. And because the brand is big on curating wardrobe staples, the colours and prints featured are effortless and timeless. With options for both women and men, as well as designs for children, the entire family can don Petit Moi on the glorious day and beyond.

Available online and in-store at Chez Petit Moi in Bangsar Village II, Petit Moi in Ukay Boulevard, and Isetan KLCC.

Syomirizwa Gupta

With its bold 80s-inspired print, it’s safe to say that Syomirizwa Gupta’s Oolalla Tropika collection is not for the faint of heart. Housing a total of ten looks, the Raya 2024 drop is a spectacle of joyful colours that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a fan of traditional silhouettes or a girl on the hunt for a more modern take on Raya wares, the eponymous label is bound to have a piece to fit your needs. As for our favourite from the collection, it has got to be the Dahlia, a cobalt blue two-piece kebaya set that features striking patterns.

Available online and in-store at Syomirizwa Gupta Showroom.

RR by Rizman Ruzaini

Regal is the name of the game over at the house of Rizman Ruzaini. If you’ve been eyeing that piece that Naomi Campell donned at the 2023 Dubai Fashion Week, then this is your chance to own a piece from the local fashion house. Toned down (but no less glamorous), the Raya 2024 collection features a slew of timeless baju kurungs. Each design arrives in a selection of colours too. And if you’re here for a touch of drama, the pieces are elevated with puff shoulder sleeves.

Available online.

Tujoh Kuntom

Speaking of drama, you should also look into Tujoh Kuntom’s Raya drop. Catering to both ends of the spectrum, you can expect to find classic, modest pieces to even the daring and figure-hugging ensembles, like the intricate lace number. The colour palette includes deeps like pitch black and wine red, soft muted pastels, as well as brights. There are even watercolour-inspired baju kurungs that add a splash of playfulness to the collection. Our top pick? The Tarasari set in silver. Because who doesn’t love a good shimmering moment?

Available online.

NH by Nurita Harith

Missed out on the chance to cop your custom Nurita Harith? Well, the second-best option is here, via the House’s ready-to-wear range. Sharing similar craftsmanship and design styles, NH by Nurita Harith houses timeless sartorial treasures that will continue to be scene-stealers at any events post-Raya. To mirror the delicate and flowy designs, the colourways that are available in this drop are soft and emanate femininity. Featuring texture brocade and intricate lacework, each garment is sumptuous and sophisticated.

Available online, on Zalora Malaysia, and at the Nurita Harith pop-up store in Bangsar Village II.

Khoon Hooi

Over at Khoon Hooi, kebayas take centre stage as the designer takes a page out of his grandmother’s elegant collection, resulting in a modernised take on the classic traditional wear. A truly opulent collection, the Raya 2024 drop from Khoo Hooi sees materials such as brocade (a House staple), jacquard, as well as the outlier, tweed. A testament to the brand’s savoir-faire, the pieces are embellished with crystals, as well as delicate border lace at the necklines and sleeves. Aside from the unique tweed kebaya, the hits of this collection are the Citra and Tita kebayas.

Available on pre-order online.


If texture and embroidery are very much in your sartorial wheelhouse, then look to none other than Mimpikita’s Nostalgia Raya collection. From gentle hues like fern green and blush pink, to bolder takes such as lagoon blue and straight pitch black, the timeless ensembles are wearable beyond the festivities and into your daily life. Of the eight looks curated for women, three of them come with sizes for little girls, so matching with a mini you would be a total breeze. To top it off, the brand is also launching some shoes and scarves to go with the new Raya drop so you can don a full Mimpikita look this year.

Available online and in-store at Mimpikita Bangsar boutique, Isetan KLCC, and The Exchange TRX.


Traditional with an edge—that’s how we’re encapsulating Maslea’s Detik Mekar (or Bloom in Love) release. The colour palette comprises moody tones that take a retro turn, but of course, are balanced by punchier combos. Designer Suraya Sharifuddin, who herself wears the kebaya often, elevates the kebaya silhouette by taking inspiration from the trends of the 80s, as well as adding features and embroideries to truly make each design her own. There are 58 eye-catching pieces altogether (that’s for both women and girls) awaiting your mix-and-matching. There are no right or wrong pairings, so if you’re one to enjoy a personal touch, then this is the one to browse through.

Available on Zalora Malaysia.


Batik girlies, get ready. Ini Saya has some truly special batik pieces that will quickly become a treasure in your wardrobe. Through his bridal dressmaking savoir-faire, Inisaya’s Jeffery Goh took it upon himself to craft modern pieces from the traditional design. But here’s the catch: each design is released in limited pieces, so you have to act fast once you see a piece you like. For their Raya collection, the brand has curated a slew of lovely batik wares that include elements such as high necks, ribbons in place of buttons, peplums (yes, it’s making a comeback), and more. The full collection drops on 15 March, so keep an eye out on their socials.

Available online.

FM by Fuzana Mokhtaza

Say it with me: cottagecore is not just a trend; it’s here to stay. For those on the hunt for dainty designs in a mellow colour palette, we suggest you head over to FM by Fuzana Mokhtaza for their Persona collection. With each passing drop (there are two as of writing), they include whimsical creations, such as the graceful peplum kurung and the dreamy pink piece that features playful sleeves. Their other designs are simpler, but no less breathtaking. Utilising her bespoke designing skills, the pieces of the Raya 2024 ready-to-wear collection will fit you like a glove.

Available online and in-store at Isetan KLCC.


Quiet luxury may be on its way out, but quiet glamour is a style that never ceases to please. Over at Anaabu, they have this design language down to a T. In colours of sage greens, cream, brown, and black, they have released loosened editions of traditional silhouettes such as the kebarung, the Kedah top, as well as the kebaya. Pieces are sold as separates, so you get to style every item your way, and you get to integrate it into your closet to let your sartorial flair shine. The best part? They have matching designs not only for him and for her, but also for children, making it the perfect, one-stop-shop for the family.

Available online and in-store at Anaabu physical stores in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.