At the Vanity Table with… Wan Nur Syaira 

The fashionable beauty shares her secrets, and what's in her bag at all times.
wan nur syaira

At the Vanity Table With… is a series that dives into a personality’s beauty tips, tricks, non-negotiables, and more. In this edition, Wan Nur Syaira shares how she manages her dry and sensitive skin.

You don’t even need to be that active on social media to know Wan Nur Syaira. The beauty queen is not only an incredible lifestyle influencer (just peep at her feed and you’ll know what we’re talking about), but she’s also the owner of the local fashion brand, Saoi. 

When she’s not busy meticulously curating upcoming designs for the next drop, Wan Nur Syaira can be seen globetrotting to her heart’s content. Her most recent escapade took her on a dreamy trip to the south of France, and it included frolicking around town with visits to bistros, bookstores, and boutiques. But true to her nature, the grind doesn’t stop. Even on this trip, the beauty was busy shooting materials for Saoi’s Atelier de Chateau collection (see the fruits of her labour here). 

Ahead, she shares her beauty opinions, must-haves, and little fun facts that make her Wan Nur Syaira.

A beauty product that you will always use till the last bits   

“So far, I’ve worked my way through two tubs of the Byoma Melting Balm Cleanser.”

The skincare item that completely transformed your skin for the better  

“It’s definitely the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream. I have really dry skin and this never fails to perk my skin right back up.”   

Your trick to achieving the best hair day   

“I’ll always wash my hair at night, blow dry it, then put any hair oil (but not too much, though!) and I’ll loosely tie my hair to sleep, so I’ll wake up with natural curls the next morning.” 

An unexpected beauty hack you always incorporate into your routine 

“I don’t really think that this is unexpected, but I will put my face in a bowl of ice water every morning. I feel like it gives my skin a much-needed boost, plus it reduces redness.”

An underrated perfume you think everyone should give a chance to 

“It’s got to be South Korean perfume Fig Porn by BORNTOSTANDOUT and Poets of Berlin by Vilhelm Parfumerie for me.”

Your latest beauty indulgence

“I got my lash extensions done, does that count? Because it makes me look always ready.”     

A trend that needs to die 

“Are we talking about any trend? Concealing eyebrows has got to go. I am sorry!” 

Three items you never leave home without 

“Any tinted lip balm (I always carry options), a hand cream, and my watch—it would be so weird to go out without my watch.” 

Brands that check all the boxes for you

Bottega Veneta. 100%.” 

Malaysians you look up to

“It has to be Yasmin Ahmad. She was ahead of her time, true to herself, knows what she wants to say, and she just got it, you know, that power.” 

A song that will always get you in the mood to get ready

“Never Knew Love Like This Before by Stephanie Mills.”

A non-negotiable beauty step that you have to have in your routine 

Sunscreen, sunscreen, SUNSCREEN.” 

A mantra that you live by

“I focus on things I can control.”