Celebrate the Year of the Dragon With These Local Fashion Brands

Enter the Dragon, a stylish one.
chinese new year 2024 fashion
Photo Courtesy of Khoon Hooi

Christmas and New Year may be over, but the excitement of the festivities still lingers in the air, especially with the Chinese New Year a mere month away. As we ring in the Year of the Dragon, we’re thinking of bountiful feasts, lists of gifts to bring along to reunions and visits, and dolling ourselves up in new clothes. Start afresh, they say. Keep reading to discover the best Chinese New Year 2024 fashion buys.

With such a short time frame, pre-celebration preparation can be overwhelming. To help you out, we’ve scouted and compiled a list of the ultimate pieces to add to your Chinese New Year 2024 fashion wardrobe for the Lunar New Year by some of our Malaysian fashion designers. The range is extensive, from a good ol’ crimson cheongsam that nods to tradition or a contemporary rendition that you can wear even after the celebration, these covetable pieces will amp up the Chinese New Year spirit.