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By Vanishaa Vasudhevan

Best Bornean-Based Brands to Shop Now and Always

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Image credits: @bespokephotographics

There has never been a better time than now to rally behind the colourful Bornean community, especially with the Harvest Festival celebrations underway throughout the month of May. What better way to show your support than by supporting the community with shopping at these Borneo-based brands? Not only will you be championing local artisans, but you’ll also be treating yourself to some seriously stellar pieces along the way. 

To simplify and enhance your shopping experience, we’ve curated a selection of game-changing beauty and fashion brands straight from Borneo. Whether you’re in search of wardrobe essentials infused with a touch of whimsy or one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that reflect awe-inspiring natural allure, there’s a treasure trove waiting for you here. 

10 Bornean-Based Brands You Should Be Fangirling Over 


Talee is a name rooted in the Malay word “tali,” which translates to “rope” but resonates far beyond mere fibres. This Sabah-based brand weaves threads of strength, hope, and enduring memories into every vivacious piece it creates. From lightweight, washable materials designed for comfort to sustainable practices, Talee goes beyond aesthetics to embody the finest knot earrings, loop earrings, knotted charms, and other knot design works upon custom-made orders as well. 

At its core lies a deeply personal journey shared by founder Lorraine Lee and her father. Amidst his battle with hypoxic brain injury, they found solace and connection in the therapeutic art of knot tying. This tale, marked by trials yet buoyed by love and resilience, fuels Talee’s mission. It’s not just about crafting jewellery; it’s about celebrating individual stories of triumph and perseverance. Each piece reflects this ethos, radiating exquisite beauty intertwined with profound meaning.


Meet OLUMES, the brainchild of Malaysia’s renowned cosmetic chemist, Aerin Gabor, tailored with precision to cater to the needs of maturing skin. Drawing from her Kadazan-Dusun roots, Gabor unveils a trove of age-old beauty secrets at the heart of OLUMES. Central to its magic is the Kalalit extract, stumbled upon serendipitously during Gabor’s visit to her Kadazan-Dusun kin, igniting her quest to capture its quintessence. 

Rooted in the abundance of Borneo’s natural resources, the brand owes its efficacy to locally sourced ingredients for all its anti-ageing discovery sets, brightening concentrate creams, placenta serums, toning lotions, facial cleansers, and more. From the slopes of Mount Kinabalu to cutting-edge laboratories, it seamlessly blends tradition with scientific innovation. More than skincare, this brand is a testament to cultural heritage, spotlighting the Bornean legacy while championing clean beauty principles through ethical ingredient sourcing, ensuring a sustainable journey from nature to bottle.

Aro Sarawak

Originating from Limbang, Aro Sarawak boasts a unique etymology, as “Aro” signifies “have” in Bisaya. For those seeking to add a touch of Bornean enchantment into their beauty regimen, Aro Sarawak offers an array of products, including rice face scrubs, lip scrubs, soap shampoos, gentle cleansing creams, hair serums, and more. However, what truly distinguishes Aro Sarawak is its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. They are committed to embracing sustainability through initiatives such as bamboo toothbrushes and glass-bottled skincare.

For environmentally-conscious consumers, the container-free soap shampoo bars, available in scents like tea tree and grapefruit, present an ideal solution. Additionally, aficionados of emberwood fragrances will find Aro Sarawak’s offerings particularly enticing. In essence, Aro Sarawak exemplifies diversity and affordability, positioning itself as a premier choice for those seeking quality skincare with an eco-friendly ethos.


Fusing the mantra of “all about going natural”,’ Miracolo, a Kuching-based wellness and beauty hub features a wide range of skincare and bath products from East Malaysia’s finest brands, including Aro Sarawak, Sluvi, and Moonchild Borneo, along with their own brand.

Miracolo offers a handpicked collection of natural and organic essential oils made from plant-based ingredients, ensuring clean and safe use for all skin types. Their top-quality wellness items include body oil collections, essential oil holders, carrier oils, and more. If you’re experiencing sudden neck tension and stiffness from working in front of a laptop for too long, try their go-to lavender or lemongrass body oil to unwind the stress at your convenience, as their roll-on design allows you to take it anywhere. For everyone who loves Borneo, enjoy the essence of East Malaysia delivered right to your doorstep with Miracolo.


Borneo-based fashion brand WYNKA has made a name for itself celebrating the various dimensions of womanhood. From blurring the lines between youthful spirit and maturity to seamlessly merging traditional and contemporary styles, the brand brings an unparalleled flair to every dress. The brand originates from Kuching in Sarawak and features enchanting dresses that exude both delicacy and resilience, complemented by a playful infusion of vibrant dyes and joyful energy.

Their latest collection, Double Happiness, combines comfort with playful elements while creating wearable pieces for any occasion. For those who love futuristic and rich textures, try out their Espionage Pants, Artistry Blazers, Zinnia Dress, Frangipani Jumpsuit, and more. 

Left & Right

Meet the dynamic duo, Eileen Phoan and Fabian Tan, who are redefining the world of fine jewellery with ethically sourced creations and captivating narratives inspired by the heart of Borneo. The two were originally destined for mechanical engineering but found their passion for jewellery-making at university. What began as a simple side project blossomed into Left & Right, an atelier dedicated to crafting personalised fine adornments. 

Drawing inspiration from their upbringing in Kuching, they weave intricate botanical motifs and antique-style flourishes into each piece, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of their homeland. At Left & Right, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a way of life. They meticulously source ethically-mined materials, including reclaimed gold and silver, and collaborate with reputable cottage mines for gemstones. Every element is thoughtfully chosen to minimise waste and environmental impact, reflecting their commitment to mindful craftsmanship.


East Malaysian fashion brands

Infusing a collision of creativity with conscience, RoaSkye emerges as a luminary in bespoke fashion, celebrated for its radiant prints and euphoric hues inspired by the beauty of Borneo. The journey began as a playful endeavour to earn pocket money by crafting clothes for her mother and aunts. British fashion designer Najihah Mohammad eventually pursued formal education at the prestigious London College of Fashion. A life-changing move to Kuching ignited an entrepreneurial spark within Najihah that created RoaSkye, transcending mere fabrics into narratives. 

Born from a harmonious blend of hand-selected fabrics and a steadfast commitment to zero waste, each garment emits singularity, challenging traditional fashion norms. From a chic new Toga mini dress to a cute gingham colour-block Mary Jane midi dress and the Holly Dress with a laksa-inspired print in cotton fabric, there are finely envisioned bold yet graceful dresses and jumpsuits, meticulously crafted to embrace the feminine form and command attention with every stride.

Kesya Fatin

East Malaysian fashion brands

Kesya Fatin is a distinctive brand crafting slow fashion and handmade beaded pieces in Kuching, Malaysia. What began as a hobby swiftly transformed into a passion as the founder, Kesya Fatin fell in love with the process of creating something rare from raw materials. With a portfolio of over 50 designs, Kesya’s creations reflect her uncommon vision, from the structure of the handbag to the choice of bead colours. Each handbag is meticulously crafted to order, with a production time of approximately 24 hours.

Since its inception, the Kuching-based label has expanded its offerings to include cardholders with detachable beaded straps, phone case bags, custom beaded tops, bottle bags, beaded cat collars, dog leashes, and many more. Infusing uniqueness with quality in every stitch, Kesya Fatin has successfully created sparkly yet luxurious goods that turn heads, making them a must-have accessory from Borneo.

ANTING by Camilla

East Malaysian fashion brands

Fueled by a love for jewellery and the everyday women who wear it, ANTING by Camilla is a minimal jewellery brand that fosters meaningful connections. Based in Kota Kinabalu, the brand encompasses necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and even anklets adorned with precious stones and pearls, such as the Biwa pearl earrings and gold bands studded with quartz, among many others.

All their designs undergo a wholesome process that is visualised, hand-sketched and transformed into reality by their founder and creative director, Camilla Faris. For processes that can’t be done in-house, ANTING collaborates with local artisans and international small-scale factories, whose passion, dedication, and care ensure the highest possible quality.


East Malaysian fashion brands

Drawing inspiration from the keen-eyed bowerbirds, Sydney sisters Elizabeth and Shen-Tel Lee curate a stunning array of eclectic treasures for their jewellery enterprise, aptly named Bowerhaus. Their jewellery pieces, infused with vintage charm, reflect a chic and diverse style, featuring unconventional materials sourced from around the globe. From strands of Keishi pearls to semi-precious stones and sparkling crystals, each collection from Bowerhaus boasts a playful and modern twist.

While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, Bowerhaus’ Champagne Gold Borneo South China Sea Pearl earrings are sure to captivate, with champagne gold sea pearls delicately suspended from a camellia flower adorned with pave-set man-made diamonds in white gold plating. And if you’re looking for something one-of-a-kind, their Prosperity Mother of Pearl Earrings, featuring prosperity jade with a mother-of-pearl love knot charm on a Bowerhaus stud, would be a perfect choice.