By Joseph Cheng

A Comprehensive Guide to Local Jewellery Brands You Can Adorn Yourself With

Let your jewellery do the talking.

Within Malaysia’s bustling jewellery market, local artisans carve their niche amidst the glittering allure of international luxury brands. The buoyant landscape of Malaysia’s jewellery industry not only showcases a diverse range of exquisite pieces but also serves as a fertile ground for aspiring jewellery makers to turn their passion into thriving businesses. Let’s explore 16 remarkable local jewellery brands, each serving as evidence of the abundant creativity and skilled craftsmanship found throughout Malaysia. Whether you seek delicate pieces for everyday elegance, bold statements that ignite conversation, or opulent treasures for those unforgettable moments, these brands offer an array of options to suit every taste and occasion. Adorn yourself with a piece of art that speaks to you.

16 Local Jewellery Brands in Malaysia to Shop For


Step into the glittering world of local jewellery and meet Habib Jewels, a name that has sparkled since its humble beginnings in 1958 on Pitt Street in Penang. From those modest roots, it has blossomed alongside our nation’s journey, becoming a beacon of elegance and style. Today, while the original shop remains a cherished landmark, Habib Jewels boasts a network of showrooms across Malaysia, each a testament to its enduring legacy. What sets Habib apart from the rest? It’s their unwavering dedication to innovation and creativity. Always pushing boundaries, Habib delights in cross-regional collaborations, blending Italian craftsmanship with Malaysian heritage to create pieces that resonate with local tastes. As the trailblazer in bringing the finest Italian jewellery craftsmanship to Malaysian shores, Habib’s Oro Italia 916® collection has stolen hearts with its intricate artistry, bold use of colour, and timeless designs that capture the essence of luxury.

Amee Philips

Amee Philips, another distinguished jeweller hailing from Penang, was captivated by the allure of gems amidst her sojourn in Europe during the early ’80s. It was in the illustrious gemstone hub of Idar Oberstein where her affinity for colour and cut flourished. Philips’s aesthetic blends classical European influences with a diverse spectrum of cultural inspirations, resulting in stunning wearable masterpieces. Eschewing conventional methods, her artistic journey commences with the stones themselves, meticulously chosen for their inherent beauty. Through a meticulous interplay of shapes and hues, she orchestrates harmonious compositions before transcribing them onto the canvas of design. Amee’s oeuvre serves as a testament to her prowess in seamlessly fusing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities, thereby rendering her creations both timeless and unparalleled in the realm of jewellery design.

Wanderlust + Co.

From celestial trinkets to cosmic fine jewellery, the local powerhouse, Wanderlust + Co. needs no introduction to fashion darlings and jewellery enthusiasts alike. Marking 13 enchanting years of existence, the homegrown brand has evolved into everyone’s preferred destination for jewellery. Renowned as one of Malaysia’s top jewellery brands, it offers a diverse selection of daily adornments crafted primarily from recycled brass, stainless steel, and sterling silver bases. You can count on Wanderlust + Co. to provide beautiful and high-quality jewellery designs at a reasonable price. Each design can be effortlessly stacked for a whimsical yet classy appeal. Additionally, what sets this brand apart from others is its commitment to sustainability, which includes creating a safe working environment for the artisans and using eco-friendly materials that are gentle on the earth and your skin. 


MYJN is an acronym for May & Jun. This demi-fine jewellery label epitomises quality craftsmanship, utilising ethically sourced materials like sterling silver and gold vermeil to create pieces that exude sophistication. From timeless pearl-adorned necklaces to bold, raw-formed rings, MYJN offers something for every personality. Complementing their jewellery line are limited-edition leather pocket trays and luxurious silk scarves—but act fast as stock is dwindling. May and Jun bring a perfect blend of fashion marketing insight and hands-on jewellery retail experience, cementing their brand’s position at the apex of independent jewellery labels in the local scene.


Unveiling the regal essence of jewellery, Gung pays homage to its royal roots with a name derived from “宫” in Mandarin and “궁” in Korean, both signifying ‘Palace’. Gung emerges as the quintessential choice for those seeking jewellery imbued with avant-garde designs and an aura of refinement. Crafted to endure the test of time while remaining accessible, each piece is meticulously fashioned from premium materials such as stainless steel with PVD coating and plated brass, ensuring durability and everlasting allure. Based in Malaysia, Gung presents a striking collection of statement jewellery, from captivating tassel earrings to elegant chain link necklaces, destined to captivate onlookers. For those in search of the perfect gift, Gung offers a solution with its digital gift cards and bespoke engraving services, ensuring each piece is imbued with personal significance.


Talee, derived from the Malay word “tali,” meaning ‘rope,’ embodies themes of strength, hope, and the enduring bonds of memory. Based in Sabah, the brand specialises in vibrant, sustainable pieces crafted from lightweight, washable threads that prioritise comfort. Beyond mere adornment, Talee represents a deeply personal journey shared between the founder Lorraine Lee and her father, who amid his battle with Hypoxic Brain Injury, found solace and connection through the therapeutic practice of knot tying. This journey, marked by hardship yet infused with love and resilience, serves as the driving force behind Talee’s mission to celebrate individual stories of triumph and perseverance, resulting in a line of exquisite jewellery. 


jewellery brands in Malaysia

Spearheaded by founder Deborah Henry, Fugeelah is a beacon of conscious jewellery-making, driven by a mission to educate, employ, and empower refugee children and youth. This women-led brand offers meticulously handmade pieces, each telling a story of resilience and hope. With a steadfast commitment to quality and ethical practices, Fugeelah ensures fair wages and thoughtful sourcing, while also channelling profits back into their refugee school initiative. Their jewellery, designed for the inquisitive and socially aware, exudes subtle elegance and charm, perfect for those with conscious hearts and a penchant for unique adornments. Inspired by the communities they serve, Fugeelah’s creations resonate with authenticity and purpose, including their special handmade series crafted in collaboration with the Fugeelah girls. Beyond fashion, Fugeelah stands as a pillar of support for the Fugee School, championing free education and community empowerment with every sale.

The Straits Finery

Established in 2015, The Straits Finery was born from the shared love of jewellery between founders Amira Yahya and Foo Chia Chern, who met in school on the picturesque island of Penang, inspiring the brand’s name. Fuelled by a mutual passion for design and a vision to address an untapped niche in the market, the duo crafted a line of 14k gold pieces distinguished by their sleek, minimalist aesthetic which is perfect for layering. Eschewing traditional stone adornments, their creations boast clean, geometric shapes that exude a subtle yet undeniable elegance. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its eco-conscious practices, from custom-made, low-waste packaging to efforts in carbon offsetting.


Embarking on a transformative journey, Malaysian online jeweller Zcova has redefined the diamond industry landscape with its streamlined approach to acquiring diamond pieces. Building on five years of groundbreaking success, Zcova now unveils its boldest move yet—the introduction of Asia’s largest virtual gemstone inventory. Beyond mere customisation, Zcova’s visionary collaboration with esteemed local designers such as Khoon Hooi and Alia Bastamam yields an array of exquisite creations, each bearing the distinct essence of its respective brand. Renowned for their bespoke engagement rings, meticulously tailored to each client’s desires, Zcova epitomises the pinnacle of personalised luxury. From inception, Zcova’s unwavering commitment has been to deliver unparalleled value and transparency, ensuring an unparalleled experience for every discerning customer.


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In a dimension where coordinates surpass earthly boundaries, Yukimoto embodies limitless human capability and imagination. Specialising exclusively in natural power stones, Yukimoto harnesses the innate energy of gemstones to empower wearers in their pursuit of dreams and aspirations. Each piece serves as a conduit for personal transformation, accompanying individuals on their journey to manifest their deepest desires. Reimagining traditional stones like pearl and jade through avant-garde designs, Yukimoto’s collections such as A Yard By The Other Name, Love Series, Rock Crystal, and Jade Bangle transcend convention, offering a fusion of modernity and timeless elegance tailored for both men and women.

Diamond & Platinum

Since its inception in 1999, Diamond & Platinum has been the epitome of exquisite craftsmanship, crafting fine jewellery to commemorate life’s most cherished occasions. With a legacy steeped in elegance and sophistication, Diamond & Platinum has continuously curated stunning pieces that elevate and enrich life’s precious moments. Renowned for its unparalleled selection of jewellery crafted from Pt950 Platinum, 18K White Gold, and Rose Gold, Diamond & Platinum stands as a beacon of luxury in the industry. Housing an exclusive luxury brand with eight perfect hearts and arrows—the iconic Estrella Diamond, Diamond & Platinum sets the standard for unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship.

Joanne. T

Before she graduated from Central Saint Martins, Joanne Tan undertook a voyage through the scientific domains of her native land, an expedition that significantly moulded and enlightened her creative outlook. Founding Joanne.T, she channels a boundless exploration of art and design, guided by an innate aesthetic instinct. With a big dream to redefine the perception of jewellery, Joanne merges modern innovation with time-honoured techniques, sparking a revolutionary shift in the industry. Her designs exude topicality and minimalism, distilling the essence of each piece into elements that enhance readability and usability while igniting conversations with their striking visual impact.

Suen Fine Jewellery

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Known for the superior quality of its diamonds, Suen pursues exotic gems that adhere to the most stringent standards, crafting refined pieces of enduring bespoke jewellery. Guiding the team at Suen Jewellers with a discerning eye, Suen Lee has consistently upheld a distinct vision for the company’s identity. Through her jewellery brand, Lee aims to instil confidence in women. Suen Jewellers resonates with a diverse array of women—the designs are understated yet elegant, harmonising with rather than overpowering one’s individuality. Rooted in exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials, Suen’s creations embody the promise of timeless heirlooms to be cherished for generations. From simplistic diamond rings to elaborate necklaces adorned with rare, vibrant gems, SUEN’s impeccably crafted pieces eloquently capture the essence of any occasion, transcending the limitations of language.

Tailored Jewel

A tailored ring that will fit you like a tailored suit! Established in 2012, Tailored Jewel sources diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals directly from trusted manufacturers worldwide, ensuring accessibility to exquisite jewellery at cost price for all enthusiasts. These materials are then meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Hong Kong before being shipped to Malaysia, offering a seamless journey from concept to creation. With a diverse selection of both naturally mined and lab-grown diamonds certified by the GIA or International Gemological Institute (IGI), alongside a wide selection of captivating designs or the option to create a bespoke piece, Tailored Jewel stands as an exceptional choice for your engagement ring needs. Furthermore, purchasers of lab-grown diamonds benefit from a generous 360-day window to trade in or upgrade their diamonds to better suit their preferences, whether natural or otherwise—a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.


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Jewellery serves as a luminous conduit intertwining heritage, innovation, and individuality, a narrative artfully exemplified by Selberan. Originating in 1973 as a Malaysian fine jewellery atelier born from the collaborative vision of Royal Selangor’s founders and two esteemed European master jewellers, Selberan specialises in crafting 18ct gold and diamond pieces, steeped in European artisanal tradition yet infused with a distinct aesthetic paying homage to its inception. Pioneering the introduction of ideal-cut diamonds in Malaysia, Selberan introduced its signature cut, The Selberan Diamond, setting a new standard of excellence in the industry. Earning a regal accolade, Selberan’s craftsmanship attained royal recognition through the prestigious commission to restore the Sultan of Selangor’s coronation crown, enriching the antique state regalia with the addition of gold, rubies, and diamonds—a testament to Selberan’s unwavering dedication to both heritage preservation and innovation in the realm of fine jewellery.


In the domain of individuality, Liane Ng shares that she and her elder sister Leonie epitomise stark contrasts. Yet, united as a formidable force, they helm VLT, a bastion of fine jewellery celebrated for its bespoke and personalised offerings meticulously fashioned from 14K solid gold. Their dynamic partnership, enriched by diverse backgrounds, harnesses a fusion of expertise, seasoned acumen, and discerning design sensibilities. Each creation bearing the VLT insignia is meticulously handcrafted in 14K or 18K solid gold, embodying an aesthetic of understated elegance imbued with a versatile charm. With a commitment to minimalism, yet boasting a versatility that seamlessly harmonises with every wearer’s persona, VLT’s repertoire effortlessly transcends style boundaries, enhancing everyday ensembles with an air of sophistication, requiring minimal effort.