50 Shades of Niessing’s Setario Collection

Celebrating five decades of the iconic jewellery line.

Many great firsts emerged in 1974. The first extra-terrestrial dispatch dubbed the Arecibo Message was sent into space; Barbra Streisand topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time with The Way We Were; and Niessing launched its first jewellery line, Setario. The last of the three, in particular, has had an irrefutable impact on the world if its longevity is anything to go by.

Boasting a sumptuous circular design adopted from the Bauhaus movement, the Setario collection breaks the industry mould with its innovative style and innate workmanship. It is an enduring icon in Niessing’s catalogue and has remained a fan-favourite, which is why the German jeweller has recently rolled out a slew of new creations just in time for the Setario’s 50-year jubilee.

The anniversary collection, crafted using the finest goldsmithing techniques in Niessing’s storied manufactory in Vreden, is as vibrant as it is versatile. Its punchy slogan—Niessing Setario Jewellery Kissed By Colour—says it all. Here, sleek shapes and cheery colours collide and complement all jewellery pieces to advance the Bauhaus-infused narrative.

The Setario Pendant Duo especially captures the vision by juxtaposing two circles of different proportions with coloured enamel. Its versatility accords the wearer with styling choices: the rings can be worn together, next to each other, or separately. That is not to mention the wide selection of gold and enamel colours at the wearer’s disposal, which applies to other novelties.

Another iteration that pays homage to the historic design is the Colette C Setario Hold. This singular charm pendant is quite simply an elevated version of a mood ring for those who are young at heart. Expressive in its colour codes no matter what the combination is, the charms here feature a “hold function” that allows the wearer to position them wherever they desire.

Now, for modern-day women who are always on the move, Niessing’s variations of hoop earrings shall redefine the meaning of power dressing. Setario Creole makes a bold statement with colours on both sides of the earrings, capturing the duality and multifaceted nature of women. A fascinating display of contrasts and harmony presents itself with only a simple side switch.

Elsewhere, Niessing has also introduced the Triangle wedding band. Crafted in platinum and available with satin, velvet, nature, and gloss textures, the band illustrates the strength of a relationship with its triangular sculpting. A triangle, after all, is geometry’s strongest shape. Add a diamond, the hardest gemstone there is, within the three-sided polygon for a rock-solid foundation of a marriage.

A paragon of German craftsmanship, Niessing continues to birth exquisite jewellery pieces driven by an insatiable hunger for innovation. Its latest output echoes the sentiment and the vibrancy of it all adds another shade to the brand’s already luxurious palette. The new Setario collection, along with the Triangle band, is a demonstration of a jeweller operating on a level of brilliance beyond the expected.