In Good Faith: Aesop Khronos is a Window into Thoughtful Skincare

You already know the hit list. Now, get to know Aesop’s raison d’être.
Image: Bay Doucet

Promoting and practising slow beauty are mutually exclusive exploits, and few brands can say that they have perfected the form. For Aesop, serving you the best of the best includes a less frequent launch schedule. At Aesop Khronos, we delve deeper into what it means to traverse the skincare realm with thought. Despite their unhurried pace, you can count on the Melbourne-headquartered brand to churn out just what the skin yearns for and serve it up in the best formulations possible.

But we don’t need to tell you how celebrated the product ranges are—the global brand has already established its cult following, including the likes of Margot Robbie and Sadie Sink. Instead, we turn your attention to the very core of the brand: their approach and philosophy on healthy skin.

One exchange with Aesop Chief Customer Officer Suzanne Santos shows just how dedicated they are to the ethos. In September, Santos made her way to Singapore to take us through the Aesop skincare odyssey. As we were going through the comprehensive assemblage of the brand’s offerings, I asked if one should layer the two serums—the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Intense Serum and the Lucent Facial Concentrate, for your reference. Plainly, she said: “If you must, do it with intention.”

All too often, we’re bombarded with messages that more is more, yet here we are, with the iron lady of the iconic brand reminding us that it goes back to what the skin actually thirsts for. Aesop is a proponent of a regimen versus a routine, and they make the clear distinction that the latter is an impersonal, repetitive method and the former a meticulous plan that is curated to address the skin’s fluctuating needs. In most cases, moderation pays.

Does this mean you perpetually cycle through the same five items? No. Instead, Aesop implores you to pay closer attention to not only your skin, but also the bigger picture. Sure, you can tweak the regimen based on the skin’s requirement, but to the Leaping Bunny-approved house, it’s equally important for you to take into account your lifestyle. At Aesop Khronos, we discovered that, to them, a thriving body and mind translates to rejuvenated skin, and skincare is there to play a supporting role.