Editor’s Diary: Discovering the “Source of Strength” on a Yacht Trip with La Mer

Smooth sailing, just like our skin.

The ocean has always served as a muse to La Mer, whose cult products channel the self-regenerating power of giant sea kelp to make up the brand’s proprietary Miracle Broth formulation. We are all familiar with the iconic Creme de La Mer—also known as The Cream—but The Concentrate is equally an iconic product. Paired with The Eye Concentrate, we cannot name a better duo for a total skin transformation to boost skin’s barrier strength. To test this theory out, La Mer recently invited us on a seaside trip to Anantara Desaru, where we would be able to discover the “Source of Strength”.

Upon checking into our rooms, we found that the vanity area was decked out with La Mer products for a truly immersive experience, the highlights being The Concentrate and The Eye Concentrate—the very reasons why we were there. These two products are powered by Concentrated Miracle Broth—one of the four forms of Miracle Broth—the most potent version, to soothe and calm the look of redness and other signs of irritation on the skin. But most of all, it helps strengthen the skin’s barrier, something we all desperately need in this climate. 

The Concentrate is an antioxidant-rich serum which defends the skin against pollution, micro-dust, and other forms of free radical damage that lead to premature skin ageing. In an age of rampant city pollution and harsh skin treatments such as lasers, this product is a much-needed respite and a great addition to your skincare regime. The rich, translucent serum will boost your skin’s barrier recovery, allowing it to be stronger and withstand damage. 

The Eye Concentrate, on the other hand, harnesses the same Concentrated Miracle Broth formulation, creating an eye cream that feels lush yet absorbs quickly into the skin. Targeted results include healing hydration while enhancing elastin and fibronectin production, which will help reduce visible signs of lines and wrinkles. 

In line with discovering the “Source of Strength”, we enjoyed a guided pilates session on the beach first thing in the morning—a great way to start the day before heading out to sea on the yacht. When the afternoon sun hit, we traded calm strength for exhilaration as we left the Desaru Ferry Coast Terminal on a La Mer decked yacht together with some of our favourite local celebrities including Eyka Farhana, Alvin Chong, Alicia Amin, Zhen Ning, Chang Yong, Shu Sen, and more. Sailing out to sea, we were close to La Mer’s muse and source of all their products’ formulation: a reminder that the ocean is where all life forms began.