By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes February 26–March 3: Hold Your Position and Await More Information

The last days of February will more than test your patience, says astrologer Emma Vidgen.
horoscopes february 2024
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

If 2024 was a yoga class, then this week would be chair pose. Your legs are burning, you’re frozen somewhere between sitting and standing and all you can think about is, “PLEASE can we get on with it!?”. But as any self-respecting yogi will attest, there’s medicine and fortitude to be gained from these frustrating, “not sure when this will end” places.

Digging deep and holding the pose is the name of the game, at least until Thursday/Friday. As hard as it is, especially after all the brilliant insights that landed last weekend, you’re best to hold fire on any major moves.

Taking on more than is sensible, overextending or overreacting are very real occupational hazards. Wait until the Sun gives Saturn and Mercury a system reboot (Thursday and Friday AEST and GMT) until you press go on your Next Big Thing.

On a practical level, anything that helps you manage mental overstimulation will be your best friend. Mantra meditations, wordle, white noise – whatever helps keep your mind active, but not in overdrive. Don’t panic, this too shall pass.

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After receiving a major “ping” around your health and well-being last weekend, the Aries response could be to take it out on your F45 membership. Bolstered by a sense of competition (or maybe even irritation) with a friend, pushing yourself will be extremely tempting. But this is not the week to go overboard. Instead, look for other ways to take your mind off the burning desire to go stronger/longer/harder. In reality, the answer (or blame) doesn’t lie with another person. The big magic will come via solitude.


It’s action stations this week at work as the drama continues – especially with those higher up. The result of saying “yes” to whatever is thrown at you could result in some major resentment on your part. The astro energy is the definition of “scope creep” – they say, “this will only take an hour” and then before you know it, you’re eating UberEats at your desk at 9 pm. If you’re not sure you’ve got capacity to take it on, do your best to dodge it. Instead, focus your energy on friends, especially those who may be needing a little extra TLC.


You may not be able to “un-see” what you saw last weekend, but this week is not quite the right time to start your engines and make drastic changes. Holding fire will be easier said than done with Mars stirring you up and getting you all excited about starting your 1, 3 or 5-year plan. Journal it out, and give yourself until the end of the week to start making moves. Practices that combine the spiritual with the physical (think: yoga, kung fu, acupuncture) are exactly what’s needed to help keep your energy levels in check.


The suspense may be harder to stomach than an episode of Luther, but holding fire is in your highest and best this week. With Mars activating the “let’s make enormous money decisions and worry about the rest later!” part of your chart, the urge to close your eyes and jump will be huge. You might have the blue-sky scenario all mapped out, but the Astro weather suggests your visibility isn’t quite 20-20. Wait until your read-on of the entire situation – both practically and emotionally – improves; next week if possible.


Your nearest and dearest are in the throes of major drama this week, meaning you’ll likely feel the collateral tension. Best friends, husbands, wives, business partners – they’re all copping it, and it may not have anything to do with you. But purely based on your proximity to them, it will be hard not to feel the stress. Draw on that Leo steadiness to hold space for their big feelings and (gently) help them hold back when they try to take on more than they can manage. On the flipside, they might just seem especially argumentative. If you don’t want a fight, don’t throw down. Consider yourself warned.


A moment of pause and reflection is in order this week following last weekend’s extremely enlightening full moon in your home sign. Fresh from the realisation of where you might need to enforce a few more loving boundaries, there’s a high chance of overwhelm as to where to actually start. By Thursday, you’ll have a stronger sense of what comes next. You may be presented with the first opportunity to test out your new and improved limits, or it could be the ideal window to renew a commitment to a long-term project that’s just for you.


The mental stimulation this week is huge and as an air sign, you’ll be feeling it as Mars and Jupiter get under your skin and grind your gears. While your automatic coping mechanism will be to meet the edginess with busy-ness, dig deeper to see what resources you have to just be with the agitation. If sitting in stillness is too much, experiment with games to help shake it off. Making play a way to approach excess energy – whether it’s Super Mario Run or Wordle – might just become your new favourite tool.


Hell hath no fury like a Scorpio mildly ticked off and this week the urge to cut the cord will be big. But there’s a larger story at play here, and as much as you might feel giving something (or someone) the boot, this is not the time for any drastic decisions. If the irritation is unbearable, a little avoidance could be in order… at least until next weekend when your mind and longer-term vision should be greatly improved.


There’s a push/pull to the energy this week as you’re challenged to balance a desire to take action with the need to recalibrate following the realisations that dropped in last weekend. With the first half of the week feeling especially slow and ambiguous, taking a minute to regroup is essential before you launch into what’s next. Seeking the counsel of a trusted family member – especially towards the end of the week – could help you gain deeper clarity on a longer-term plan.


While you may have your finger firmly hovering over the “finalise payment” button try to resist the temptation to shop the angst away this week. As hard as it may be to believe, that new EV that caught your eye is really not the answer to your problems no matter how hard you try to justify it as an investment in the planet’s future. Commit to living within your comfort zone and instead use the energy to get clear on long-term plans involving communication, learning or your side hustle.


Can you relax into the unknown? That’s easier said than done for an Aquarian, especially this week, but leaning into the “not knowing” is key to avoiding an impulsive move that could land you in hot water. Sure, you may know “what” you want to do now, but the “how” still isn’t clear – and likely won’t be until later in the week. Frustration that things aren’t moving as fast you’d like will be major. Use exercise to manage excess energy and give you an outlet beyond the imminent pressures you’re feeling around your Next Big Step.


With Mars and Jupiter activated all week, the mood is antsy with a chance of insomnia. Reformed nail biters take note: this is the sort of space weather where you’re likely to tear the shellac off and relapse without thinking. With Mars and Jupiter revving you up, you might feel pressure to make the next move. But the truth is, you actually don’t have to fix everything this week. You don’t need to know the how. You don’t even need to know the when. What you’re dealing with is a lot. Give yourself time to process new information and trust your moment of clarity is coming. When it drops in, you’ll know exactly what to do next.

This story originally appeared on GRAZIA International.