By Emma Vidgen

Horoscopes June 19 – June 23: Light and Shadow. The Solstice Is Bringing a Sudden Rush and a Reality Check

The beginning of a four-week cycle of self-care.
horoscopes june 19
Art: Kimberlee Kessler

This week we celebrate the Solstice (22 June AEST; 21 June GMT)– the shortest day of the year (in the Southern Hemisphere) and the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). It also marks the start of Cancer season, a four-week cycle where we’re invited to get in touch with our feelings and prioritise self-care. No matter what side of the equator you find yourself, it’s a time to celebrate the things that light us up, and equally, show compassion for the more shadowy parts of ourselves.  

Hot tip: I always recommend you read your rising sign for the most resonant advice. If you don’t know it, you can work it out by casting your chart here. Want to learn more? Pick up a copy of my book The Astrology Of You: Finding Love, Creativity and Soul Purpose In Your Birth Chart or find me on Instagram at @emma_vee  


 The Solstice signals a season where you may feel a little more low-fi than usual. After a sleepy start to the week, there’s some spicy fun to be had (Wednesday through Friday). Clear your calendar and make space for something frivolous, fabulous or a little more frisky if the mood takes you. 


The focus on all things cash eases up this week as the Solstice signals a major key change. It’s slower and more sensual than before – a mood you’ll find yourself feeling much more at home embracing. Tread gently in the middle of the week when things could get a little heated on the home front. 


Fresh off a dreamy new moon, the pace slows somewhat as Cancer season invites you to take your foot off the gas. Getting out of your head and into your feelings will be top of your agenda for the next four weeks. If that feels too hard, use your favourite film, TV or music to get in touch with what’s alive for you emotionally right now. 

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Your energy levels get a significant nudge this week as the Sun moves into your home sign. Watch (and delight) as your mojo builds over the next seven days, as the moon gathers steam. Keep an eye on your spending mid-week when the sudden rush of energy could see you splurging, just for the fun of it. 


The Solstice signals your sleepiest season of the year, but despite the gentler pace of life, mischief will be made this week. You’ll be feeling in flow through the middle of the week (Tuesday -Thursday) as the moon inspires an extra surge of extroverted playfulness. Use the energy to make an impression or schedule a saucy date. 


Next weekend looks like the most significant moment for Virgo folks when some serious discussions with your other half (or best mate), could weigh heavily on your mind. It’s a time for honesty and candour; you can’t be cross at someone if you don’t tell them how you’re really feeling.  

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With a renewed focus on your professional goals coming in hot this week, it’s a nice moment to flex those Libran networking skills and make some new connections. The middle of the week looks especially juicy for putting yourself out there, calling that friend of a friend or saying “yes” to a coffee catch-up you’ve been feeling bashful about. 


It’s all about the middle of the week for Scorpio folks when the moon emboldens your confidence reserves and inspires you to have upfront conversations. Draw on the wisdom of a trusted confidante (especially around Tuesday), and make your move before Friday for max impact. 


A reality check next weekend will give you a nudge to reconcile a sensitive issue that has ground to a halt. It’s a balancing act that will draw on your ability to zoom out, but also be a little bit flexible or open to evolving your plans. Sound tricky? It could be, but the payoff will be worth the diplomatic gymnastics. 


With the Solstice kicking off one of your most sensitive seasons of the year, the focus shifts firmly to your most intimate relationships. Take a cue from the sky and kick off the week with a little bit of planning (because, Capricorn) to think about how you can put your main squeeze (romantic or otherwise) first in the weeks to come. 

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There are fireworks to be had mid-week when the moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter put a little extra swing in your step and turns up the dial to full-throttle flirt. When the weekend rolls around, brace yourself for the sort of stars where splitting the bill could stir up drama. As ick as it might be there is a lesson to be gleaned from the experience. 


After a somewhat dreamy start to the week, your energy should start to pick up by Wednesday. By the weekend, you could be on the receiving end of some tough love. As hard as it may be to hear, try not to tune it out. Beyond the apparent minutiae, there’s a bigger theme at play. Stay open and truly listen to what’s being said – it’s more significant than it might seem. 

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.