Christian Louboutin Celebrates the Vibrancy of Rio de Janeiro With Its Latest Collection

The red soles are going to the beach!

Catching the tail end of summer, Christian Louboutin unveils its latest offerings to celebrate the verve and vivacity of Rio de Janeiro. Staged at the acclaimed Le Trianon in Paris, the French luxury label showcased America through the Fall/Winter 2024 collection, which will be available in two releases. The creations encompass the diversity of the USA as the house draws inspiration from the spirited Latin beaches for the first half to the exuberant rodeo culture for the next release. 

Renowned for their feminine silhouettes, the heels were given a psychedelic treatment: rhinestone presented in a pastel ombré effect. Speaking to the collection’s narrative of celebration, these colourful embellishments adorning the footwear—namely the Aftersun series—depict the captivating sunsets of Rio, which is famously known for its bay-side festivities. These designs were meant to ornate the dancefloors from flat moccasins like the MJ Moc loafer and the classic Athina thong sandals, available in flat and stiletto-heeled versions. 

Over the years, the shoemaking brand has also proven its craftsmanship in making leather goods such as handbags, and for this season, the Maison rolls out the Loubi54 clutch. For the uninitiated, the Loubi54 was designed as a homage to the effervescent era of Studio 54, a beacon in New York’s club scene in the 70s, making it an apt addition to this collection. Echoing the style of the Aftersun heels, the clutch is donned with crêpe satin that features an ombre effect of pink and yellow. Bedecked in multicoloured signature spikes, the clutch illustrates the transition from sunset to a dazzling night, glimmering against the dusk. 

Familiar styles like the emblematic Sporty Kate received a makeover, updated with sling-back options. The iconic Louboutin’s spikes too, were encrusted on the Tatoosh Spike mules. Coated in kid leather of various colourways, from the classic blush and black to the vivacious Hisbiscus (orange) and Calipso (pink), the mules are perfect for a night out party by the pool.

The Maison also welcomes a new release: the Minny pumps. These will put a whimsical touch on your summer holiday with its galvanized inflated-like heel and square-toe cap. To top it off, the pair dips in a striking reflective finish in lilac, mirroring how the lights hit the surface of the water. More is more with the other two renditions available for the pumps; the bejewelled Minny Maxi Strass that resembles a disco ball or the limited edition Minny Tropica, embellished with 3D flowers in colours representing the lush and lavish Brazilian rainforests.