Coach Play Ipoh Turns Retail Shopping Into a Campsite Experience

Taking immersive retail to another level.

From the unprecedented Coach Airways to the prestigious Coach Play Jakarta, Coach’s forte lies not just in leather-making, but also in making the retail experience fun—and the latest addition to the global Coach Play series has arrived in Ipoh.

As a nod to its New York roots, the Coach Play series weaves together some of the city’s archetypes with the uniqueness of each location around the world—for Ipoh, it’s the richness of nature. Overlooking a serene lake and nestled amongst lush foliage, the store is anchored strategically at the Silverlakes Village Outlet. 

Its proximity to the unbridled landscape laid the groundwork for the store design. We also spotted the inspiration drawn from one of the most favoured Upstate New York summer destinations: the Adirondacks. Upon arriving, we are greeted by a vintage car in sunset orange with a life-sized canoe strapped to its roof. Daubed with a soft hue of yellow and orange, the space has a campsite firepit, coffee stand, and commodious space for a plethora of al fresco games like bocce ball, cornhole, and even table tennis. 

The First Coach Coffee Shop

If staying out in the sun is not up your alley, take shelter at the Coach Coffee Shop. The coffee stand serves beverages like chocolate drinks, coffee, and tea. There’s also soft-serve ice cream to sate your sweet cravings, available in intriguing flavours inspired by typical American breakfast staples like peanut butter & jelly and apple pie. The former is a carbon copy of the sandwich while the latter is a sweet treat balanced with a hint of earthiness, and also our personal favourite. As the cherry on top of the cake, Coach unfurled a limited edition of the Coach Coffee Shop merchandise: ranging from canvas tote bags to t-shirts, these camping essentials are exclusively available for grabs at selected locations only.

Regular campers will feel familiar upon entering the store, which was designed to mimic a container cabin flanked with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Rigged out with an array of offerings, the retail store houses some of the most sought-after pieces, from streetwear essentials to covetable leather goods such as the quilted or the J-Lo-approved crossbody Tabby in Silver Metallic. Sticking to its sustainable pillar, Coach Play Ipoh also features items like squirrels or display racks crafted with leftover leather. Additional touches like canoe signages or used racquets from sports players inject a rustic sense that invites you to go on an adventure.

Address: Lakefront Silverlakes Village Outlet, Lot No. LF-36 & LF-37, 1, Persiaran Silverlakes, Kampung Belangkor, 31000 Batu Gajah, Perak

Operating Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Daily