At the Vanity Table with… Eros A.K.A. KLCC Boy

He’s more than just his Bags of KL Series.
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At the Vanity Table With… is a series that dives into a personality’s beauty tips, tricks, non-negotiables, and more. In this edition, Eros Erfe, better known as The KLCC Boy online, talks of his favourite skincare hacks, his favourite beauty products, and more.

Big on luxury fashion? Then there’s no way that you haven’t seen any of Eros’ endless videos. Whether he’s spotting extravagant bags across town in his Bags of KL series or shouting out new drops, you’re bound to have scrolled past a video or two of his. The alternative is that you’re an avid follower, keenly awaiting his next info-rich clips.

But bags aren’t his only weakness (though we can all agree it’s actually his strength); he’s also big on beauty. If you’ve come across him in the many malls he frequents such as Suria KLCC, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, and The Exchange TRX, then you know that he’s also a beauty boy. The skin is always immaculate, and there’s not a polished hair out of place.

Ahead, he shares his beauty opinions, must-haves, and little fun facts that make him Eros.

Confess a beauty crime that you have committed before

One beauty crime I commit time and time again is sleeping in my makeup! Although I do remove my makeup most of the time, sometimes a full schedule really takes a lot out of you. Nowadays on nights when I feel tired I try to at least use a makeup wipe—I know, all that friction! Not the best solution but at least I won’t wake up to a beige bed the next day.

A beauty item you would immediately replace if it’s lost

A few years ago I attended an Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow workshop when they were doing some market research before entering Malaysia, and they gave everyone an eyebrow kit which included tweezers. Not even kidding, they are the sharpest, most precise tweezers I’ve ever used, and I cannot live without them! I lost them once and immediately bought a replacement on Sephora because it’s just that good.

Three items that are on your beauty wish list right now

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I would really love a ReFa face massager for the bougie-ness of it all. The Gisou Lip Oil has been on my radar for the longest time, and I also wanna get my hands on the perfume and lip balm from Jennie’s collaboration with Tamburins!

A person you have the biggest beauty crush on, and why?

I have the biggest beauty crush on this beauty TikToker called @deileoy. Gorgeous skin with the prettiest bone structure.

Something you’re gatekeeping right now. Spill.

A lot of people keep telling me that I have great skin, and I think it’s a combination of two things: great texture from my holy grail Glycolic Acid toner from The Ordinary and strategic powdering so that my makeup is set and still looks like skin.

A trend that needs to die

I think we gotta stop talking about glass skin or egg skin, like we have to move on!

A viral product that does nothing for you

I’m sorry but Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair does nothing for me and even breaks me out. Love their ambassador Yoona though! I’d give them another go if they end up reformulating in the future.

A makeup step you will never skip before you head out the door

Sunscreen is of course a must, but I also never skip lip care because my lips are super dry.

The skincare item that completely transformed your skin for the better

When I had my hormonal acne back in high school, aloe vera gel really soothed and calmed my skin. Once I got my skin in better shape, acids like AHA/BHA/PHA and Glycolic Acid inside toners really helped fade my scared and smoothen out my skin texture.

Your trick to achieve the best hair day

A visit to your nearest hair salon! But on tight days when I only have myself, hair serum for shine and hair spray to keep those baby hairs flat always do the trick.

An unexpected beauty hack you always incorporate into your routine

I saw in a YouTube tutorial once that Korean guys prefer using brown eyeshadow as eyeliner because it looks more natural. I tried it and never looked back! I highly recommend it because it defines your eyes without being too in your face.

An underrated perfume you think everyone should give a chance to

If you’re into tea scents, I highly recommend you check out Anamcara by Parfums Dusita. If you’re into leathers, try out Etat Libre d’Orange’s Tom Of Finland (Clean Suede). Both are always on my rotation!

Parfums Dusita and Etat Libre d’Orange are exclusively available at Trove.

The last beauty indulgence you had done

I believe in using technology to not only enhance what you have but to help you achieve what would have taken much longer to achieve with traditional methods. I love laser, and Pico laser is a beauty indulgence that usually requires no second thoughts. I get mine done every two months!

A song that will always get you in the mood to get ready

Sounds very cliche but Nails Hair Hips Heels by Todrick Hall always gets the job done.

Brands that check all the boxes for you

Personally, I love Dior Beauty’s entire branding and product line. It has the prestige and heritage of the house of Dior, the technology of their science and ingredients, and the overall appeal of their packaging and branding. If I could, I would drown myself in Dior Prestige every day! And aside from skincare, their makeup and fragrance history is so extensive. Plus, their holiday campaigns always hit it out of the park!

Malaysians you look up to

I think as a creator, everyone kind of looks up to Jane Chuck. In a category of her own, doing her own thing and always looking forward.

A mantra that you live by

Everything happens for a reason.