There is a New Baby Dior Beauty Line, and it’s Too Cute For Words

Baby's first perfume.

Babies always smell good, and now there’s a reason for them to smell even better thanks to the new Baby Dior beauty line that the French maison has created in collaboration with famed perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Because baby needs their first perfume, and it better be Dior.

The Baby Dior clothing line for children is not new—it debuted in 1967 and later had a Baby Dior eau de cologne. 12 years after Cordelia de Castellane was appointed Artistic Director for the Baby Dior collections, this baby beauty line is finally becoming a reality.

Named the “Bonne Etoile”, this perfume isn’t actually a perfume—it’s an eau de senteur, which means “scented water”. Eau de senteurs are typically intended for babies under the age of three as they do not contain any traces of alcohol and are instead replaced with other solvents and a scented concentrate. The Bonne Etoile, in particular, contains 98% natural origin ingredients, created to be safe and gentle on babies’ and children’s skins.

Kurkdjian was inspired by the roundness and tenderness of a baby’s full cheeks when crafting the Bonne Etoile scent. He interprets that sense of fullness with the scent of juicy pear and floral eglantine, ending with velvety, musky notes.

For Baby Dior, I wanted to create an eau de senteur for little ones that would be simple, like them. I wanted to avoid the inevitable orange blossom that has always symbolized the smell of childhood in France, and instead look for a comforting scent in another formula: a pear, rosy and green, enlivened by eglantine that is wrapped in soft, cottony, protective musk notes. “Bonne Étoile” is like a creamy candy that melts in the mouth…”

Francis Kurkdjian

The packaging is equally as darling. Pastel-coloured bottles are dressed in a luminous toile de Jouy print with an imaginary Granville garden filled with animal scenes and colourful hot air balloons. It’s giving: chic enough for the dresser, but cutesy enough to distinguish that it’s meant for the baby.

Accompanying the eau de senteur are a trio of bath products, each a derivative of the Bonne Etoile scent. La Mousse Tres Fondante is rich in natural-origin skincare ingredients and leaves the baby’s fragile skin clean and soft. Le Tait Tres Tendre is enriched with jojoba esters and is made of 99% natural-origin ingredients, leaving skin hydrated and nourished. Finally, L’Eau Tres Fraiche has a revitalising formula infused with Mallow to soothe and gently cleanse fragile, sensitive skin while hydrating and preserving the skin’s barrier. Now, the kids’ bathtime will truly become a core memory for both—after all, scent is an enduring memory marker.

The Baby Dior beauty line is now available for purchase online.