By Gladys Ng

Unleashing Glam: Chappell Roan’s Boldest Beauty Moments

From drag to theatrical makeup, the rising American singer never fails to mesmerise us with her looks.
chappell roan makeup
Photo: Instagram/@chappellroan

The 26-year-old emerging LGBTQ+ pop sensation, Chappell Roan, has been making waves not only with her music but also with her striking beauty looks. The Missouri-born artist has quickly become known for her bold, theatrical approach to makeup and hair which perfectly complements her energetic performances and relatable lyrics. Keep reading for the best of Chappell Roan makeup moments.

Roan’s signature style is a captivating blend of ’80s glam, drag culture influence, theatre and avant-garde artistry. Her looks often feature her trademark fiery red curls, paired with dramatic makeup choices that range from glittering eyeshadows to stark white face paint.

Whether she’s sporting intentionally messy lipstick for an NPR Tiny Desk Concert or donning bleached brows for a music video, Roan’s beauty choices are as diverse and daring as her musical repertoire. Her fearless experimentation with makeup and hair has not only enhanced her stage presence but has also established her as a rising style icon in the music industry.

Coachella Drag Glam

Photo: Instagram/@chappellroan

Roan’s Coachella debut was nothing short of a glittery, glamorous explosion. Imagine if Paris Hilton and some of the most iconic club kids from the 80s had a fabulous love child—that was the vibe Roan was serving up. The mastermind behind this jaw-dropping look was none other than Donni Davy, the makeup artist who brought us those dazzling Euphoria makeup looks. Roan sports a pale white base canvas inspired by drag makeup, bright fuchsia blush, duo-toned brows and a cat-eye smoky eyeshadow look paired with lower lashes and rhinestones to top it off. It was Boy George meets ’80s punk meets drag queen realness, and it was everything.


Photo: Instagram/@chappellroan

Roan paid homage to drag icon Divine at the Kentuckiana Pride—a striking makeup look inspired by Divine’s role in John Waters’ cult classic film Pink Flamingos (1972). Makeup artist Andrew Dahling recreated Divine’s iconic appearance that featured exaggerated, pencil-thin eyebrows and a bold bright blue eyeshadow that extended up to the brows. The look also included dramatic eyeliner and pink blush swept up to the temples. Roan complemented the makeup with a bright red, sequin gown and leopard print accents, echoing Divine’s flamboyant style.

Swan Lake Chappell Roan at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Photo: Instagram/@chappellroan

Her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was a visual feast, showcasing her signature blend of campy glamour and theatrical flair. Roan was inspired by the 2003 animated fantasy Barbie of Swan Lake to create her look for the night. Complementing her dramatic feathered garment from The Blonds’ Fall 2024 collection, Roan’s beauty look was equally as captivating. Crafted by makeup artist Andrew Dahling to match her platinum blonde wig, the makeup look featured white and black eyeshadow with tiny white feathers to accentuate her eyelashes.

Chappell Roan’s Makeup at Coachella 2024

chappell roan makeup
Photo: Instagram/@chappellroan

For Coachella 2024 Weekend Two, Roan teamed up with Euphoria‘s makeup maestro Donni Davy and transformed into a human butterfly with an eye-catching makeup look. The design featured hot pink “antenna eyebrows”, eye makeup with exaggerated black buggy eyes adorned with crystals, and shimmery pink and lavender eyeshadow to match her butterfly wings. The intricate makeup details was what set Roan’s makeup look apart from others.

Prom Queen Chappell Roan at NPR Tiny Desk Concert

chappell roan tiny desk, chappell roan makeup
Photo: Instagram/@chappellroan

Roan’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert makeup was a theatrical masterpiece created by Sterling Tull, a queer transgender makeup artist and drag queen. The look drew primary inspiration from a Pat McGrath design for Dior’s Fall 2007 couture collection, with Roan adding her own flair through elements like white face paint, exaggerated blush, and lipstick on the teeth. This “camp-meets-couture” style blended high fashion with drag culture influences.

For Roan’s band members, Tull and Chelsea Marie crafted an ’80s prom-gone-wrong aesthetic, featuring intentionally messy looks that appeared as if the musicians had “gone through hell.” The overall result was a highly stylised, glamorous, yet deliberately dishevelled appearance that aligned with Roan’s advocacy for queer representation and her unique artistic vision.

Statue of Liberty Chappell Roan at the 2024 Governor’s Ball Music Festival

chappell roan makeup, chappell roan statue of liberty makeup
Photo: Instagram/@chappellroan

Roan’s iconic get-up at the 2024 Governors Ball Music Festival made a bold and unforgettable statement by transforming into a provocative rendition of The Statue Of Liberty. The look was inspired by her love for drag and kink, the same love that often influences her performance ensembles. Roan’s entire body was covered in a verdant green, mimicking the weathered copper of the actual statue. Incorporating her own touch of drag makeup influences, her monochromatic eye look included fierce spiked-out lashes, bold silver highlight and a matching chromatic green lip.

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