Hair Hacks: 6 Tips to Master for Faster Hair Growth

Beyond the products, it's the technique that makes the difference!
Discover 6 expert tips for faster hair growth. Unlock the secrets to healthier, longer locks and achieve your dream mane. Start today!
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Seeking to fast-track your hair growth? There’s a wealth of hair care products and dietary supplements out there. However, when embarking on a journey for longer locks, it’s essential to adopt certain habits that will significantly help you meet your goals. 

We’re sharing all the secrets for achieving those extreme lengths.

Regularly Trim Your Ends

Commonly, we avoid scissors to let our hair grow, but that is a major mistake! Split, frayed, or rough ends can shorten your hair and make it finer. Trimming your ends regularly can actually help you add inches to your hair.

Use a Silk Pillowcase or Bonnet

Your hair deserves luxurious care too! For silky, not dry strands, it’s better to let them glide on silk. This material, whether for your pillowcase or bonnet, prevents the hair from rubbing against rough fabrics, which could hinder growth.

Switch to a Microfiber Towel

According to hairstylist Mark Townsend, as explained to British Cosmopolitan and relayed by Cosmopolitan France, traditional towels are genuinely harmful to hair growth. “It causes so much breakage. Your hair gets trapped in the fabric loops. Most women always wrap the towel too tightly around their head. All those fragile strands near your face are more likely to break,” he says.

Go for Protective Hairstyles

Per the advice of American hairstylist and host of Netflix’s Queer Eye, Jonathan Van Ness, it’s better to sleep with your hair tied back. On his TikTok account, the hair professional provides a step-by-step guide. 

Start with a loose ponytail, not tied too tightly. Then, twist the length into a bun that should be secured with a wide, satin scrunchie if possible. Finally, run your fingers over your scalp to release any remaining tension, as a hairstyle that’s too tight can lead to significant hair loss or even alopecia.

Cold Water Rinse

Current temperatures might deter many, but according to Townsend, “It doesn’t really help hair grow faster, but it will keep it in good condition longer. Cold water helps prevent dryness, snags, and damage from heat.”

Scalp Exfoliation

Hair growth begins at the root. The scalp, where the roots are implanted, therefore plays a significant role when it comes to gaining length. The hair follicle bulbs, which produce the hair fiber, are located there. 

It’s important to take care of them by regularly exfoliating the scalp to clear any potential residue from hair treatments, dead skin, or various impurities.

This story first appeared on GRAZIA International.