By Joseph Cheng

Raya Gift Guide 2024: 13 Hampers and Gift Boxes that are Best for the Season

Pamper your loved ones with these gifts!
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How has your Ramadan been thus far? Have you been indulging in Ramadan buffets to mark this sacred time? As the fasting month draws to a close, Hari Raya Puasa emerges as the pinnacle, symbolising the culmination of Ramadan—a period dedicated to strengthening familial and communal bonds. 

Known also as Eid al-Fitr, Hari Raya holds profound significance in Malaysia, marked by the donning of new Raya attire, the adornment of homes with festive decorations, and the sharing of invites among friends and family. 

Beyond the customary duit Raya, gifting plays a significant role in this celebratory season. In anticipation of the joyous occasion, GRAZIA Malaysia has meticulously curated a Raya gift guide, showcasing a range of hampers and gift boxes that are sure to elevate your Raya experience. Enhance the closeness of your family gatherings this festive season by exchanging thoughtful gifts that resonate with the spirit of Hari Raya.

The Best of Raya Hampers 2024, from Sweet Treats to Teas


BloomThis, making your loved ones’ hearts bloom with the Tetangga Raya Cookies & Flower Gift Set. This exquisite ensemble combines the delicate allure of roses with the indulgent richness of lavish cookies, creating an unparalleled expression of refined taste. Included in this opulent set are Pink Gerbera, Yellow Rose, Cappuccino Rose, Yellow Craspedia, Purple Peacock, Snow Willow, and Green Button Pom Pom. Additionally, savour the decadent flavours of Cashew Nut Cookies and Pumpkin Seed Cookies. It’s not just a gift, it is a symbol of shared moments and genuine generosity, ensuring that you are cherished as a paragon of grace within your community. 

Price: from RM189

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luxury scented candle

During the holy month, Rituals invites you to experience the sacred passage of time from moon to moon. Nurture your spirit with the Comfort Collection, featuring the sensual Suede Vanilla fragrance, which envelops you in a warm and comforting aura with its sweet vanilla notes. Alternatively, let your senses flourish with the Floral Collection’s Sweet Jasmine, where sandalwood adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to the fragrance, evoking a blossoming sensation. Enrich your surroundings with the Rich Collection, where the aromatic blend of juniper and fresh cardamom in Precious Amber transports you to ancient and iconic destinations. Inspired by the world’s most precious ingredients, Rituals welcomes you on a sensory journey of luxury and elegance this Ramadan.

Price: from RM275

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raya hampers 2024, raya gifts 2024

As Eid approaches, elevate your Iftar gatherings with TWG. Inspired by Middle Eastern tea traditions, start your day with a rejuvenating cup of Moroccan Sahara Tea for Sahoor, and unwind in the evenings with their soothing Midnight Hour Tea for Iftar. Their teas, sourced directly from gardens worldwide, include blends like Bain De Roses Tea, an appealing infusion of Darjeeling black tea with roses and vanilla, perfect for pre-dawn meals, and Crème Caramel Tea, a sweet red tea infused with French spices, ideal for post-Iftar desserts. As the world’s premier luxury tea brand, TWG Tea offers an extensive collection of exclusive blends, handcrafted accessories, and tea-infused delights, continuing to innovate with seasonal collaborations and fine harvests from renowned estates globally.

Price: from approx. RM100

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Mandarin Oriental

This Raya season, the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur is showcasing a collection of delectable cakes and pastries curated by Executive Pastry Chef Kevin Pannier. Among them is the Saint Honore, a renowned French dessert with Parisian origins, named after Rue Saint Honore, home to the Mandarin Oriental Paris. Chef Pannier ingeniously reimagined this classic treat, infusing it with nostalgic flavours reminiscent of FRAISIER cakes from his childhood. The result is an enticing confection featuring a flaky caramelised puff pastry crust, choux pastry filled with crumble, and Tahitian vanilla cream adorned with locally sourced Cameron Highland Chitose strawberries, creating an indulgent masterpiece perfect for sharing with six to eight guests.

Price: from RM228

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Sheraton Petaling Jaya

Boost the festive spirit of Hari Raya by gifting your loved ones and esteemed business associates with our exclusive range of Sheraton Hari Raya Gift Boxes. Each meticulously curated box features a wide range of gourmet snacks, including raw honey, 100% pure dates syrup, and Sheraton’s signature homemade pineapple tarts, alongside homemade rose and lemon sable cookies. Indulge in the rich flavours of Dodol Malaysia and Tiramisu Almond Chocolates, complemented by premium healthy mixed nuts, Kurma, and sparkling juice, ensuring a memorable and luxurious celebration.

Price: from RM198

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Brown & Sugar

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Crafted with delicacy and adorned with an assortment of decadent cookies, Brown & Sugar gift boxes cater to all preferences, ranging from miniature delights to grandiose baskets. Relish in a variety of treats, from marble shortbread cookies to pineapple tarts and pralines, each meticulously selected to delight your loved ones or yourself. Featuring a Brown & Sugar Small Wooden Box, Lebaran Money Packets, a Square Container filled with marble shortbread cookies, Round Jar of Semperit, Paper Bag housing Oat Callebaut Cookies, a Jute Bag with 75g of Dried Guava, an Avery Box containing two round pralines, and a special collaboration with Basically Studio for the Trust Collection Square Scarf, these gift boxes are a true embodiment of refined indulgence.

Price: from RM108

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Embracing the essence of this sacred time, Godiva releases its exclusive Ramadan and Hari Raya Collection, adorned with a fresh festive design and introducing a sumptuous selection of delights perfect for sharing among friends, family, colleagues, and cherished ones, enriching every moment with pleasure. The Godiva Raya Praline Collection—a decadent and exclusive assortment of premium chocolates thoughtfully curated for the Ramadan and Raya season. Encased in a limited-edition gift box exuding elegance, its intricate designs draw inspiration from the beauty and significance of Ramadan. Share the spirit of unity and gratitude with 16 exquisite pieces of Godiva’s finest chocolates, treating your loved ones or yourself to this indulgent and heartfelt gift that encapsulates the essence of tradition, generosity, and joy.

Price: from RM78

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Mei x Whimsigirl

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In a celebration of collaboration and compassion, Mei by Fat Spoon proudly presents the Raya Box for this year, featuring Mei’s original recipe and a special partnership with homegrown brand WHIMSIGIRL. Handcrafted with care by a remarkable group of single mothers, supported by the Kechara Soup Kitchen Society, each cookie within this exquisite collection is a testament to dedication and community spirit. With flavours like Earl Grey Pistachio and Genmaicha Cornflakes, these artisanal treats offer a lovely twist on traditional favourites, making them the perfect gift to share during the festive season. Heft up your Raya celebrations to the next level with the chicest Raya Gift Box, brimming with bite-sized cookies meant to be savoured with loved ones.

Price: from RM59

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Lachér Patisserie

Lacher Patisserie presents its 2024 Cake Raya – the Valrhona Chocolate Pecan Cake, a beloved favourite returning to tantalise taste buds once again. Coated pecans in Valrhona Caraibe 66% chocolate fudge offer a delicious contrast, while a delicate hint of salted caramel adds a perfect balance of sweetness. 

Accompanying this exquisite cake is the 2024 Biscuit Raya selection, featuring Salted Caramel Shortbread Sandwich Cookies, Pistachio Chocolate Shortbread Sandwich Cookies, Butterscotch Hazelnut Cookies, and Tart Nenas, each a testament to culinary craftsmanship and festive joy. Embrace the spirit of cultural heritage with meticulously crafted packaging inspired by the enchanting tales of Arabian Nights, inviting you to luxuriate in every moment of the Raya season with loved ones. 

Price: from RM125

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Immerse yourself in a realm of exquisite indulgence with the Raya Extravagance gift set, a luxurious chocolate ensemble destined to elevate your Hari Raya festivities to new heights! Encased in an opulent cream box adorned with intricate gold patterns, this extraordinary hamper is complemented by a coordinating paper bag, a tastefully crafted gift card, and a range of beautifully designed Raya packets, ensuring an unforgettable celebration. Delve into a world of flavour with the Malaysia-exclusive Raya Variety Pack and hand-picked ROYCE favourites enveloped in charming pastel green festive sleeves. The contents of this lavish set include mouthwatering treats such as Tiramisu Cream Chocolate Wafers, Fromage Blanc Potatochip Chocolate, Matcha Bar Chocolate, Coconut Baton Cookies, and Caramel Prafeuille Chocolate, promising a symphony of decadence with every bite. 

Price: from RM40

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venchi, venchi raya 2024, raya hampers 2024

Experience the essence of indulgence in this Aidilfitri with the enchanting sweetness of the Venchi Raya Collection. Let the warmth of loved ones and the bliss of relishing in these exquisite sweets fill your festivities with joy, ensuring each moment of Eid is as delightful as Venchi’s creations. Here’s to treasured moments of togetherness, laughter, and relishing life’s most precious pleasures. Revel in the Ramadan Medium Square Gift Box, where each precious cocoa bead harbours a symphony of sophisticated flavours and textures, including extra dark 75%, caramel, stracciatella, orange, pistachio, Gianduia with whole PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts, or spread, promising a journey of indulgence like no other.

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A Little Thing

raya hampers 2024

A little thing that isn’t little. The Riang Raya Gift Set is guaranteed to infuse your festivities with joy and warmth. Unveil the treasures of tradition with our exquisite gold mug, perfect for sharing moments of laughter and heartfelt conversations. Enjoy the rich flavours of our mini sweet dodol, evoking nostalgic memories with each bite. Discover the golden treats nestled within our treasure chest, featuring luxurious Ferrero Rocher chocolates and tangy mini apricot jam to build up your Raya spread. Additionally, indulge in the floral fiesta of the Flower Tea Tube as it transports you to a serene garden party. You can also personalise your greetings with the handwritten Raya-themed greeting card, adding a personal touch to your heartfelt wishes. This set promises to reignite old traditions and infuse your celebrations with rustic elegance, ensuring a Hari Raya like no other!

Price: from RM49

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The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur

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Introducing The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur’s Signature Edition Luxury Gift Box, exclusively crafted for the Raya season in alignment with the hotel’s Warisan Melayu theme of the year. This opulent gift box features various delicacies, including six jars of the hotel’s signature sambal boasting diverse flavours, including delectable chocolate-coated dates, three traditional cookie jars, and three luscious Linzer cookie jars. From the fiery Sambal Cili Padi Bunga Kantan to the fragrant Pandan Linzer cookies, each item reflects the rich heritage and culinary excellence synonymous with the St. Regis brand. Upraise your Raya celebrations with this exquisite assortment, designed to delight and impress discerning palates.

Price: RM488

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