One-Stop Destinations: What We Like About These Department Stores

Fashion, food, and everything nice.

Affectionately known as the “adult amusement parks”, department stores like Macy’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Isetan, and Seibu, to name a few, played an integral role in fashion history. In the 19th century, the demand for prêt-à-porter increased for several reasons including technological advancement in production. These grandeur multi-storied shops became the go-to for the fashion savvies, so much so that they are beyond a mere one-stop shopping destination—they became cultural landmarks with theatrical window displays. In fact, window dressers became an extremely sought-after job at some point. 

From grandiose facades and swanky lounges to top-notch faultless services and lavish food halls, upmarket department stores appealed to the consumers like no other retail service could. It is, after all, all about the experience. Ahead, we list some of the department stores that cater to local shoppers and why we love them.   


In case you missed it, the highly anticipated The Exchange TRX has finally opened its doors and one of the talks of the town has to be the opening of Seibu. This upscale Japanese department store houses over 700 brands worldwide, with more than 100 names making their debut in our market. 

Gone are the days when we wait (patiently, impatiently) for international shipping when we want to lay our hands on brands like Repetto, Fred Jewellery, and Dolce & Gabbana Beauty. Speaking of, great news for beauty enthusiasts: they also have the biggest beauty hall in Malaysia. Our personal favourite, though, has to be the depachika a.k.a. department store food hall, filled with gastronomical delights hailing from Japan: ramen, sake bar, wagyu, and more. 

Yes, something for everyone, indeed. 


If you’ve been to Paris, or plan to visit the city of Light, Printemps Paris needs to be high up on your go-to list. As one of the leading department stores in the world, Printemps has a long list of firsts—the first department store to install modern lifts, the first public space to have electric lights, and the list goes on. Other than its awe-inspiring window displays that’d make it to the headlines every Christmas, one of the many reasons why it stood tall despite the shifts in consumerism for the past 150 years is the personalised experience. But if this store is located miles away in Paris, how “personalised” it can be? 

Remote shopping with a personal shopper was made possible by the technology advancement. Reach out to for remote assistance or book a video appointment here if the online catalogue is overwhelming and let the experts weigh in with your selection, either for a wardrobe makeover, or gift selections—we’ve joined the inaugural live shopping session recently and the process is seamless. 


As any Malaysian who’s been to Isetan what they like about the department store, we are almost certain that “The Japan Store” will top the list—for all the tasty Japanese dishes, yes, and also for the plethora of local fashion brands they home. 

From a nook for the established ones like Joe Chia or Yoke and Theam to some of the up-and-coming labels like Friesenguys, Jewel Sum or A-Jane, The Japan Store at Isetan has earned itself a spot in cultivating the local fashion scene, providing the designers a medium to showcase their work as well as connecting them to their potential clientele.