6 Unbeatable Beauty Innovations at CES 2024 to Covet this Year

No, they’re not screwing around. At all.
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If you’ve been keeping your ears on the ground for future tech, then you know that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest home appliance trade show, is one of the biggest events to tune in to. But we’re not here to talk about how you can turn your iPhone into a Blackberry. Instead, we turn your attention to Las Vegas, Nevada, where all the CES 2024 beauty news shook us and got us rethinking this year’s Christmas wish list.

Don’t get it twisted: the world of beauty is more than just colours, textures, and scents. Countries such as Germany, South Korea, and Japan are always vying for the crown in the beauty tech space. Developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what they can deliver to customers, and as such, we’re seeing more and more newness with each passing year.

Consumers like you and I look forward to these innovations. Just five years ago, we were swept up in the excitement that was the Dyson AirWrap. Along with it came the “dupe”, the Shark FlexStyle Hair Stylers and it helped bring a whole category of hair tools back to the forefront: hot brushes. We’re also seeing an exponential interest in light therapy tools last year. Whether you’re a Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro girlie, you stan the TheraFace PRO, or you’re simply living vicariously through the internet, LED therapy tools quickly made it to a lot of people’s beauty arsenal.

All this is to say that each innovation prompts the next. Just last year, CES 2023 saw L’Oréal launching HAPTA, the first handheld, ultra-precise computerised makeup applicator—created for individuals with limited mobility. Amorepacific, on the other hand, introduced Cosmechip, a tool that allows users to create tailored treatments within the comforts of their homes. Not only would the ingredients target the user’s specific needs, but it’s also as effective as it could be since each application is freshly concocted.

But enough about the past—here’s what you need to know about CES 2024, beauty edition.

Every Innovation We Want Out of CES 2024 Beauty Showcase

Medicube Age-R Booster Pro

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Okay, so how many times have you considered getting any of the Medicube Age-R devices? Because whatever number that is, same. Influencers all over the world (Tati Westbrook, Michelle Phan—and even Hailey Bieber) are repping the devices, claiming that they are some of their favourite beauty tools. Now, for the first time ever, APR Corps took this innovation to the U.S., marking its first foray into the expo. At CES 2024, they unveiled the Medicube Age-R Booster Pro, which had already been launched in South Korea in October 2023.

The latest addition to the K-beauty brand’s innovative lineup uses electroporation technology (which is tech speak for using short pulses to create temporary pores in membranes) that helps effective absorption of skincare, as well as controlled lighting to address the skin’s needs. So if you’ve been itching to get one of these sleek babies, sit tight and wait it out—the science behind it sounds very promising.

Amorepacific Lipcure Beam

Want more from South Korea? Then look to Amorepacific. This year, they brought out their big guns, introducing the Lipcure Beam—which took home the CES 2024 Innovation Award in the Digital Health category. If you take the condition of your lips super seriously (which is the trend these days, after all, what with all the lip oils and lip balms entering the market), then you might want to pick this up as soon as it’s available.

Achieving three feats in one nifty device, the Lipcure Beam can detect your lips’ needs, fix up a treatment, and create a wash of colour that’s unique for you. The applicator is geared with a visible light therapy device that makes the treatment even more effective.

L’Oréal AirLight Pro

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If the goal was to disrupt, then disrupt they did. With over 100 engineers, designers, scientists, and hairdressers collaborating towards this singular goal, by fall this year, you’ll be able to experience a new way of drying your hair. Say goodbye to the inefficient, energy-wasting, old method of drying. With the AirLight Pro, you can dry your hair with infrared technology, where excessive heat will no longer be necessary.

The tool promises to consume 31% less energy compared to leading premium hair dryers of today and can result in 59% visibly smoother hair compared to air-dried hair. It’s not just here to make your hair pretty—it can also lock hydration in the strands (up to 33% more, to be exact), because the AirLight Pro only dries the water on the surface, leaving internal moisture in the cortex.

Nimble Manicure Salon

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This is where girl math shines. If you take the cost of getting your nails done every month, then the cost of the Nimble Manicure Salon is very much worth it. At the moment, it’s available for preorder and costs US$699 (approx. RM3,300). Of course, that doesn’t include the cost of the polishes to do your nails with, but if you’re short on time and cannot for the life of you apply your nail polish by yourself, then this is the second best option.

It uses both pioneering 2D and 3D scanning technology, and couples those with advanced AI technology to get to know your nails, down to the size, shape, and curve. Then the real magic happens. A robotic arm will seamlessly apply either two or four coats of polish, and voila, you have close-up ready nails—in under 25 minutes!

Kohler SpaViva

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Admit it—the everything shower is a paradigm shift. Here to elevate your shower experience even more is the Kohler shower system. After this, you won’t look at your shower head the same. The SpaViva expands the capacity of your hand shower, introducing attachments that help you achieve a deeper cleanse. With this, you’ll get a face brush, a body brush, a body scrubber, and a body massager. It comes with magnetic docking and a rechargeable battery that lasts for 90 minutes, so it should last you several washes before you need to re-up.

Dreame AirStyle

In a world where “dupes” can offer a taste of the real deal, CES 2024 beauty showcases can offer a slice of luxury at a more affordable price. If you’ve been wanting another Dyson AirWrap alternative, or if you’ve yet to want to bite the pricey bullet, then the Dreame AirStyle could be it for you. How is it the same? Well, just like the AirWrap, the AirStyle has three-speed settings and a cold shot feature to help you set the style. Accessories-wise, you’ll be getting two curling barrels (one for each direction), a round volumiser brush, a smoothing brush, a flyaway tool, and a hair smoother.

There are a couple of small differences though. Dreame claims that their AirStyle has automatic temperature monitoring, so they can do without Dyson’s three heat settings. You will also find that the ergonomics vary, where the AirWrap is more oval in shape, and the AirStyle more round. Ultimately, visitors of CES 2024 had this consensus: they are confident that the Dreame device can go toe-to-toe with other AirWrap alternatives—it could even dethrone the Shark FlexStyle Hair Styler.